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A team member and content marketing specialist for Shiba Inu “Lucie” has recently shared simple insights on why these highly anticipated Shiba Inu updates – the Shib Name Service (SNS) and Shibdentity – are important. 

Lucie On The Importance Of Shib Name Service (SNS) And Shibdentity

The content marketing specialist for Shiba Inu took to her official X (formerly Twitter) handle on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, to share the importance of the brand-new updates in a simple way. The post can be traced back to Shiba Inu’s Unique Self-Custodial Identity for SHIB which was supposed to launch today.

In the X post, Lucie highlighted the importance of the Shiba Inu updates in an orderly manner. She started with the Shib Name Service (SNS) and then Shibdentity followed after.

According to Lucie, SNS provides short, memorable names rather than lengthy, ambiguous addresses. It facilitates and streamlines the process of sending tokens to friends and contacts using their Shib names.

SNS operates on the Shibarium blockchain, which guarantees the absence of a centralized authority. Its decentralized nature basically empowers individuals and decreases reliance on third-party platforms.

SNS’s robust security features provide authentic security by minimizing transaction errors and ensuring the safety of users’ funds all the time. The service can interact with other cryptocurrencies and decentralized websites, creating fresh shots for innovation.

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As for Shibdentity, Lucie asserts that it will give users complete control of their digital identity by using valid credentials that can be verified and reliable authentification. It also offers private peer-to-peer messaging, real-communication, and spam reduction.

With the purpose of facilitating human-readable names to make messaging amicable, Shibdentity will have to interact with Shib Name Service (SNS).

However, the whole idea of Shibdentity and SNS is to build a super app called the HUB, where services can only be accessed with your identity and decentralized applications.

She concluded the post by highlighting the benefits of individuals and the Shiba Inu ecosystem from both updates.

Shiba Inu Lead Developer on Shiba Inu’s Latest Updates

Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, has also shared insights about the Shiba Inu latest updates. In a recent blog post shared by the lead developer, he stated that the team launching the SNS on Shibarium is a joint effort of both the SHIB army and the developer team.

Shytoshi further explained in the blog post both service goals and extended guidance to the community on how to use the brand-new services.

The SNS and Shibdentity went live on Tuesday, October 31. With the launch of Shib Name Service and Shibdentity, a new age of user empowerment and control is being ushered in for decentralized identification and communication on the Shibarium blockchain.

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