Robinhood adds 1.25T SHIB, Borroe.Finance’s user base growing, Maker follows

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) supply in Robinhood increased after Shibarium. Meanwhile, the market is fawning over Borroe. Finance’s (ROE) presale following its token price increment. Maker (MKR) is also firm after talks of a new blockchain. 

Although SHIB, ROE, and MKR are rising, investors are bullish, expecting Borroe.Finance to be among the top altcoins in 2023. 

$280 million SHIB purchase highlights growing demand

Following the launch of Shibarium, SHIB’s supply in Robinhood rose by nearly 70%. 

Data from Arkham Intelligence shows that the trading platform’s supply has rose to 14 trillion SHIB over the past three weeks, pushing their total holdings to over 34 trillion, worth roughly $279.85 million.

The move could signal growing demand. Interestingly, the increase follows the launch of Shibarium. Subsequently, following this spike over the past few weeks, supporters are optimistic that SHIB will likely rally in the sessions ahead.

As of Aug. 22, SHIB was trading at $0.000007993, rising slightly by 4.7% to $0.000008371 by Aug. 29.

By Sep. 3, SHIB was trading at $0.000007806. However, due to excitement around Robinhood’s latest purchase, it could rise by 16.1% to $0.000009056.

Borroe.Finance significantly enhances traditional invoice financing

Robinhood adds 1.25T SHIB, Borroe.Finance's user base growing, Maker follows - 1

Revenue financing is vital for businesses, enabling them to use their consistent income for immediate funding. However, the invoice financing sector often remains inaccessible to web3 and decentralized finance (DeFi) enterprises, posing a challenge to artists, musicians, NFT creators, and others.

Borroe.Finance provides a service not offered by the top def projects in the industry. Its approach addresses issues such as currency conversion and irregular payment schedules, which can affect web3 businesses.

Their strategy combines fractionalized NFTs, blockchain technology, and AI-driven risk assessment to provide immediate funding for businesses. The platform also offers a straightforward means to invest in web3 financing opportunities, discounts on loan offers, and recognition for marketplace activity.

Borroe.Finance stands out from many other projects due to its innovative technology and practical real-world application. 

In stage 1 of its presale, ROE prices are up 25% from the beta stage. The token is trading for $0.0125 but will rise to $0.0150 in stage 2, a 20% increase. However, those who had participated in the beta stage will be up 50% in stage 2. 

Maker plans to launch a Solana-inspired blockchain

A Maker co-founder suggested a protocol change on Sep. 1, 2023.

The proposal involves using Solana’s code-base to construct Maker’s upcoming standalone network, as it is more efficient. This suggestion is part of the “Endgame” upgrade, initially revealed in May 2023.

Following the announcement, the demand for Maker rose, causing prices to increase. On Aug. 30, MKR rose from $1,043 to $1,139, a 9.2% increase.

Analysts expect MKR to rise by 7.3% to $1,210 due to excitement over the latest network proposal. 

Learn more about Borrow.Finance (ROE) here:

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