Star-Studded ‘Bottle Shock’ Movie to Revamp via Split NFTs Trending Crypto News

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Filmmakers behind the prominent indie movie ‘Bottle Shock’ — notably staring talents like Chris Pine, Alan Rickman, and Bill Pullman — are exploring uncharted territory by leveraging NFTs for ownership rights via fractional shares on Funded. 

Bottle Shock’s award-winning directors, Randal Miller and Jody Savin, are testing out this fractional ownership NFT experiment through an animated, hand-drawn musical version of the film, adhering to the original storyline and integrating the voices of the famed original cast.

Bottle Shock Shares a Stake in Success 

With a $1.5 million (924 ETH) target, 50% of the proceeds will go toward actor residuals and animation expenses. “The original film’s fame and recognition make this fractional ownership experiment more accessible; we’re aware of the project’s appeal, and now it’s about demystifying the technology behind it,” stated Savin in a press release.

The remaining 50% of proceeds, however, will be distributed to crowdfunding participants and investors. Contributors don’t simply donate funds but receive NFTs in return, representing their ownership rights in the film. Additionally, these virtual assets are tradable, and profit payments will be established via snapshots.

To draw in investors, five contrasting NFT tiers spanning from $31.15 (0.018 ETH) to $21,362 (12.307 ETH) offer rewards, including early movie clip access, executive producer credits, end credit mentions, World Premiere tickets and more. Since debuting, the project has garnered just $93.46 (0.054 ETH). Still, it has 17 days to reach its ambitious 924 ETH goal! 

By representing a novel breakthrough into the future of film investments, Bottle Shock’s progress is being closely watched by NFT and movie enthusiasts alike. If all goes as planned, this revamped indie movie will highlight new avenues for independent moviemakers wanting to achieve financial success. 

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