Maison Margiela: Entering the Web3 Era with Gamified Minting Trending Crypto News

Maison Margiela: Entering the Web3 Era with Gamified Minting
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Maison Margiela, a renowned Parisian fashion label, is making waves by venturing into the world of Web3 with an inventive gamified minting experience. Known for its avant-garde designs and innovative creations, the brand integrates its characteristic numerical coding system with blockchain technology, allowing its patrons to gather 24 distinctive digital collectibles.

The Game of Numbers

The numbering system used for the tokens is a nod to the brand’s iconic garment tagging system. Each Maison Margiela apparel piece includes a tag featuring numbers 0 to 23, with one number encircled. This circled number signifies the collection that the piece belongs to, adding a layer of meaning and exclusivity to each product.

The minting experience allows participants to mint tokens numbered 0 to 23. Each token represents a different rarity level, with ‘0’ being the most common and ’23’ the rarest. The game intensifies as the countdown for minting each token restarts every 60 seconds, adding an element of urgency and quick decision-making. Each collectible has a restricted supply, and once it’s gone, minting is no longer an option. The fastest player to mint a token within the countdown secures the collectible, making it a race against time. 

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An Equal Playing Field

Maison Margiela has ensured a level playing field by making the minting process free of any gas fee. Moreover, each digital asset is soulbound to its owner, making it non-transferable to others. This feature closely aligns with the brand’s commitment to individuality and personal style.

Soulbound tokens are permanently linked to your individual wallet and identity, making them non-transferable. They can’t be sold or transferred to someone else. This makes them well-suited for digitally encapsulating assets like competence certificates, reputation, and medical records, which can’t be bought.

While the brand has not yet revealed the next steps for its community after the minting process, these collectibles are expected to play a significant role in the yet-to-be-announced plans.

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