Shiba Inu Shibarium Network Listed As Top 5 Active Network By Node Operator Trending Crypto News

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The Shiba Inu ecosystem has achieved another milestone, with Shibarium ranking amongst the top five active networks on the NOWNodes platform. 

Shiba Inu Layer 2 Network Celebrates New Achievement

NOWNodes, a blockchain as a service solution platform has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to announce a new accomplishment for the Shibarium Network. The blockchain node provider has declared that the Shibarium network has achieved a ranking as the top 5 most active networks on the NOWNodes platform. 

NOWNodes has stated that this new milestone has enabled the blockchain node provider to increase more capacities for the Shibarium RPC Node utilities. The increase would allow the network to gain more traction while also enabling it to form partnerships at a larger scale. 

“It’s always a good time to scale. As Shibarium enters the Top 5 most active networks on our platform, we increase the capacities for Shibarium RPC Node utilizations. This is a necessary step to welcome more requests and calls plus integrate partners with bigger volume,” NOWNode stated. 

Responding to the announcement, the Shibtoken X account also made a statement, commemorating the new achievement and the continual growth of the Shibarium network. 

“Woof! Scaling to new heights Shibarium just entered the Top 5 most active networks on NOWNodes and we’re just getting warmed up?” The Shib said.

Shibarium On NOWNodes

Following the integration of Shibarium on NOWNodes earlier this year, the Shiba Inu network has been growing steadily taking advantage of NOWNodes RPC endpoints to increase its reliability and support its innovative capabilities.

By accessing Shibarium nodes through NOWNodes, developers can gain direct entry into Shibarium’s L2 network, utilizing its vast infrastructure and resources. Developers can also earn uninterrupted admission into Shibarium’s mainnet through advanced API keys which can be connected to SHIB RPC endpoints. 

Additionally, NOWNodes provides an added layer of protection and security for Shib developers. Since the Shibarium network has been pushed to its new ranks, it opens up more opportunities and growth prospects for the ecosystem. 

Currently, the Shiba Inu ecosystem has undergone multiple developmental stages, rapidly expanding with new projects and initiatives which has helped the blockchain network gain notable recognition and adoption. 

Shibarium’s recent ranking on NOWNodes underscores the network’s resilience and growing prominence within the crypto sector. The achievement has also effectively bolstered Shiba Inu’s robust community support and attracted more attention to the growing network.

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