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Vanishing Murals NFTs
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Set to make waves in both the art and marine world, Hawai’i born artist Jana Ireijo is launching her genesis environmental-focused dynamic NFT collection – “Vanishing Murals: Hawai’i Ocean”. This collection benefits Fish Pono – Save Our Reefs, a Hawai’i-based initiative dedicated to restoring Hawai’i’s coral reefs through a meaningful fundraiser beginning on October 25, 6 pm Hawai’i Standard Time.

Trained in fine art, Jana Ireijo has masterfully hand-painted each design on canvas before digitally replicating it into a CryptoArt collection of 60 dynamic NFTs to provide financial support for Hawai’i’s oceans. 

Shaped by three distinctive designs — ‘Moemoeā’, ‘Pilina, As Above So Below’, and ‘Stay Wild, Uluwehi’ — the project cleverly reflects the ever-changing conditions in Hawai’i’s marine realm and its effects on aquatic life to raise a potent environmental message: “By living pono, in balance with nature, we will ensure healthy reefs, abundant with life for our future ʻohana.” “Pono”, in the Hawai’ian language, refers to “righteousness and balance”.

Each NFT purchase donates 20% towards aiding Fish Pono-Save Our Reef in its educational campaign to encourage responsible fishing and enable more effective coral reef conservation. Additionally, all Vanishing Murals NFT holders will enjoy exclusive offerings and experiences and become esteemed members of a thoughtful community of dedicated ocean advocates.


CryptoArt that Answers to Nature

Incredibly, the images of Vanishing Murals: Hawai’i Ocean NFTs aptly illustrate the concept of “vanishing”. When oceanic temperatures rise or fall to risky levels, the graphic gently fades away. Inversely, as sea temperature levels return to optimal range, the NFTs come back to life as the images resurface, intriguingly reflecting the well-being of Hawai’i’s ocean. 

Vanishing Murals’ captivating CryptoArt is made possible through cutting-edge blockchain technology and environmental data. Notably, it sources live data from the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) — a trustworthy source that provides accurate and reliable ocean and coastal information, tools, and services.

By intelligently converging art, technology, science, and environmental advocacy, the Vanishing Murals’ NFTs illustrate a new frontier of interactive and meaningful virtual artistry.

Vanishing Murals NFTs
Pilina, As Above So Below

Collective Efforts for Marine Conservation 

Alongside Vanishing Murals’ Ireijo, Fish Pono-Save Our Reefs’s ambassador and artist Mark Cunningham as well as numerous makers have joined forces to bring this charitable endeavor to life. These creative minds include green-minded Alohi Kai Jewelry by The Sea, Kōkua Sun Care — the creators of reef-safe sunscreens — and Nadia Fairlamb, a Waimanalo-raised artist who specializes in wood and mirror works. 

The Vanishing Murals NFT project harbors ambitions of strengthening extra bonds with like-minded individuals to create more innovative, ocean-conscious products in the future. Its ultimate goal is to inspire a broader community dedicated to cherishing and preserving our aquatic realms through collaborations, contributions and fundraising initiatives.

Vanishing Murals NFTs
Stay Wild, Uluwehi

NFT Packages with a Charitable Mission 

The NFT packages include three tiers: ‘Super Collector’, which encompasses a dynamic NFT and the original 16 x 16” canvas painting for approximately $929 (0.6 ETH), with the ‘Collector’ tier granting the NFT and a limited edition print for $418 (0.27 ETH). The ‘Supporter’ tier provides the digital asset alone for roughly $201 (0.13 ETH). Once a Vanishing Murals Hawai’i Ocean collectible is minted, ownership information about the NFT will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain for security and immutability. 

So, join this movement that blends CryptoArt and environmental advocacy to partake in the all-important mission of safeguarding Hawai’i’s coral reefs and marine ecosystem. Contribute toward preserving our maritime world and join a vibrant community determined to build a future with ecological integrity. 

The Vanishing Murals: Hawai’i Ocean NFT collection will drop on October 25, Wednesday at 6 pm, Hawai’i Standard Time.

Purchase a Vanishing Murals Hawai’i Ocean NFT >> Here

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