Tradecurve Markets rallies in presale, PancakeSwap and ApeCoin remain under pressure Trending Crypto News

Tradecurve Markets rallies in presale, PancakeSwap and ApeCoin remain under pressure - 1
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Most investors want to end the year on a high note. As such, they are actively exploring multiple projects, including Tradecurve Markets, a hybrid exchange. Amid this development, experts note that PancakeSwap (CAKE) and ApeCoin (APE) have lost their shine.

PancakeSwap partners with Transac

PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange, has partnered with Transac to attract more users, allowing them to trade efficiently.

Traders can use fiat payment methods like bank transfers and credit cards. This feature was unveiled after the release of PancakeSwap v3. 

Despite this partnership, CAKE remains under pressure. On the monthly chart, CAKE is down 9%, trading at $1.15.

ApeCoin’s network activity plunges

Despite tabling fresh proposals for upgrades, APE remains under pressure, down 24% in the last 30 days. Presently, APE is changing hands at $1.13. 

Earlier, ApeCoin developers had introduced four improvement proposals. One of them was BORED AS F*CK, a documentary movie. 

On-chain data shows that activity remains lackluster, down to March 2022 levels. 

It is a reason why experts say APE may struggle to attract users. 

Tradecurve Markets’ presale success

Data shows that DEX trading volume rose to over $133 billion in March this year.

Tradecurve Markets is a hybrid exchange for users to trade multiple instruments, including Forex, crypto, and stocks. With this, users don’t need multiple accounts to trade different assets.

Traders only need their working email, without any KYC checks, to get started, preserving privacy. This allowance gives the exchange an edge over competitors like KuCoin and Coinbase, which require traders to give up their info.

Tradecurve Markets’ native token, TCRV, allows holders to receive perks such as transaction discounts and deposit bonuses. 

TCRV can also be staked for passive income. The platform has locked its liquidity for two years.

TCRV is changing hands at $0.025 from $0.01 in the ongoing presale. 

In the next stage, prices will increase to $0.030 and to $0.50 by the time the presale ends. 

The presale round avails 40% of the total TCRV supply. 

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