Time to Buy? Jim Cramer Says Bitcoin Topping Out! Trending Crypto News

Time to Buy? Jim Cramer Says Bitcoin Topping Out!
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Mad Money host Jim Cramer has flipped his outlook on bitcoin once again. Just last week, he was singing the praises of the cryptocurrency, calling it a “technological marvel” and acknowledging its unexpected resilience after a tough year in 2023. But in a segment on Monday, Cramer suddenly turned bearish, saying he thinks bitcoin is “topping out.”


  • Jim Cramer said he thinks bitcoin is “topping out” and advised not investing in bitcoin mining stocks
  • This contrasts with his previously bullish stance on bitcoin just last week when he called it a “technological marvel”
  • Cramer’s picks and recommendations tend to move in the opposite direction of what he predicts (“inverse Cramer effect”)
  • His latest bearish comments on bitcoin did not significantly impact its price, as it continued trading robustly above $47,000

This rapid change in sentiment is not unusual for Cramer, who is known for his capricious views on investments. His recommendations on individual stocks have even spawned what’s known as the “inverse Cramer effect,” where assets tend to move opposite to what he predicts.

In the case of bitcoin, Cramer advised investors to stay away from bitcoin mining stocks like Marathon Digital and Riot Platforms. “If you want Bitcoin, then buy Bitcoin,” he said, before adding the caution that he believes bitcoin has hit its peak.

Yet Cramer’s latest bearish call does not seem to have negatively impacted bitcoin much. The cryptocurrency continued trading strongly over $47,000, hitting its highest level since April 2022. This price action reinforces the idea that Cramer’s opinions do not significantly sway crypto markets one way or another.

Cramer has a history of missing the mark on bitcoin’s swings. Back in June 2023, he recommended exiting all crypto positions, which coincided neatly with a prime buying opportunity just before bitcoin started consolidating and slowly recovering.

The mad money host’s fluctuating perspectives on bitcoin tend to act more as entertainment and filler for broader crypto narratives rather than definitive guidance for investors. While his high profile brings attention to cryptocurrency, his wishy-washy views encapsulate the innate volatility and difficulty in making accurate predictions in these markets.

So while Cramer grabs headlines with his latest cry that bitcoin is topping out, the crypto community would be wise to take his words with a grain of salt. If the past is any indicator, bitcoin will continue charting its own course regardless of what the TV personality thinks.

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