The Sandbox Marketplace is now live on the Polygon Trending Crypto News

The Sandbox Marketplace is now live on the Polygon
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The Sandbox recently announced an integration with the Polygon Network. The platform has released The Sandbox Marketplace on Polygon for creators.

The integration empowers creators while increasing their asset monetization opportunities. Now, anyone can use CATALYSTs to mint on the Polygon marketplace. Given the efficient nature of Polygon, the fees have largely decreased.

The network has also introduced a secondary market for creators. It will allow NFT owners to resell ASSETs they did not create on the marketplace. At the same time, minting is also open to every creator.

The Sandbox released an official post covering the topic. The post stated that Metaverse’s release has opened The Sandbox to more prospects. To advance this, the platform is helping every user who owns CATALYSTs.

LAND owners have already been gifted CATALYSTs. Every LAND Owner completing the Winter Event requirements will win extra CATALYSTs with their SAND rewards. Users can even buy CATALYSTs on OpenSea.

As for the assets users already own, here is everything to know:

If the assets are minted

  1. The ASSETs on Ethereum will appear in the Marketplace and the inventory.
  2. Users can bridge assets from Ethereum to Polygon in the future.

For non-minted assets

  1. Gems will be turned into attribute points.
  2. LUCK and MAGIC have no impact in the game and will be turned into SPEED and DEFENSE.
  3. Gems, along with attributes, will be removed from non-equipment ASSETs while creators gain control of components and behavior.

When it comes to joining hands with Polygon, an improved user interface, and reduced gas fees are the primary benefits a partner expects. The Sandbox will also enjoy these benefits from the collaboration.

Users can download VoxEdit to upload their creations to The Sandbox Marketplace. The Sandbox is inviting users to make more ASSETs with VoxEdit contests on the horizon. Given the stature of the involved parties, the integration is expected to yield fruitful results.

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