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Loaded Lions: Mane City
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The exciting tycoon simulator game ‘Loaded Lions: Mane City’ has soared into the top five blockchain games by trading volume, as per DappRadar, with more than 6,300 players joining the action. Considering its significant backing and gaming power, the buzz surrounding it comes as no surprise.

Mane City and Stepico Games — celebrated for working alongside Universal Studios and DreamWorks — team-built Loaded Lions: Mane City on the turbo-charged Cronos blockchain. Cronos Labs and offered valuable guidance, bringing the game to combine extra creativity, blockchain technology, and forward-thinking insights expertly. Here’s what these gaming pioneers have impressively brought into play:

Crafting City Dreams to Reap Rewards 

In the thriving Loaded Lions: Mane City ecosystem, gamers can spotlight their imaginations through digital reality, building their dream virtual cities and mansions while enhancing their gameplay through perks along the way.

Extra opportunities arise for owners of NFTs’ ‘Loaded Lions’, ‘Cyber Cubs’, or ‘ LAND’. These digital assets make players stand out distinctively, unlock coveted LAND plots and boost generation rates in the game’s two modes. Still, the game is playable without them.

In ‘Normal Mode’, players can master their tycoon skills while preparing for enticing limited-time challenges in ‘Competitive Mode’, which bestows the opportunity for gamers to collect the in-game currencies ‘Gold’ and ‘Diamonds’.

Gold, produced by the in-game enterprises, ‘Mane Motors’ and ‘Flavour Town Diner’, is allocated for mansion decor and feeds into the game’s daily leaderboard, rewarding successful players. Concurrently, Diamonds serve to open mansion chambers and obtain Gold Boosters to optimize Gold production. 

Loaded Lions: Mane City

Unlocking LAND NFTs to Boost Gameplay

LAND in Loaded Lions: Mane City comes in six unique tiers: ‘Arid Plains’, ‘Crimson Dunes’, ‘Alluring Aurora’, ‘Sapphire Lagoon’, ‘Molten Cavern’, and ‘Blocked Chain’. Each boasts unique rarities and designs; the higher the LAND’s rarity, the more resources it generates and the extra space players can build on. 

All LAND NFTs are available on and Minted. On top of that, Arid Plains is attainable through the custom referral code, ‘Mane City Access Pass’, shared by existing players. This LAND item is also a good shot for players wanting to enter the Competitive Mode prize pool.

The more LAND NFTs players own, the faster they can generate the in-game currencies to speed up their city construction processes — the possibilities become as boundless as creativity. Although to keep gameplay fun and fair for everyone, the marginal return on in-game currency generation decreases for each additional LAND NFT acquired.

Loaded Lions: Mane City

Intriguing Updates Await 

But wait, there’s more. Loaded Lions: Mane City promises to deliver an array of thrilling updates, all designed to enhance players’ experiences. LAND NFTs are said to open more Web3 initiatives from in the near future, and extra methods to play Loaded Lions: Mane City are poised to unveil. 

In a nutshell, Loaded Lions: Mane City stands tall as a revolutionary tycoon simulator that empowers players to create their own digital empires. It’s a unique platform for creative construction, strategic thinking, and thriving entrepreneurship.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the captivating world of Mane City, take on the challenges, and seize the chance to ascend the ranks to secure the position as the city’s top tycoon! 

Play Loaded Lions: Mane City >> Here

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