Shiba Inu Founder’s Wallets Emptied And Moved: Is Ryoshi Vanishing–Again? Trending Crypto News

Shiba Inu price on October 2| Source: SHIBUSDT on Binance, TradingView
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The creator of Shiba Inu, who goes by the pseudonym “Ryoshi,” has chosen to be anonymous since the project first launched. While Ryoshi’s wallet addresses are speculated to control over 10% of all SHIB in circulation, the owner has never confirmed or denied holding it. 

Considering the uncertainty of who the true owner of Shiba Inu is, analytics platforms have been working hard, trying to crack the identity of Ryoshi, and this seems to be paying off, looking at what Bubblemaps revealed recently.

“Ryoshi” Responds After Wallet Analysis

In a thread on X, formerly Twitter, Bubblemaps shared a screenshot message reportedly from Ryoshi. The anonymous founder of Shiba Inu claims the blockchain analytics platform had created a “perfect” blueprint for the linked addresses to be under scrutiny. The message, Bubblemaps claims, was drafted by Ryoshi, who fears that wallets might be a target for “dusting” attacks. 

Shiba Inu price on October 2| Source: SHIBUSDT on Binance, TradingView

A dusting attack occurs when a malicious agent sends small amounts of crypto, usually called “dust,” to multiple wallets. The main goal is tracking these wallets and possibly unveiling their owners. With the identity known, they can launch other attacks, including phishing. 

The message, which Bubblemaps believes was drafted by Ryoshi, reads in part that “there was nothing to prove,” adding that the analytics platform had gone an extra step to detail addresses like never before. While the platform’s efforts are clear, the alleged founder wanted privacy to be respected.

A section of the message read:

I was hoping that you would respect the privacy of my wallets and refrain from posting them publicly. I understand my wallets have been talked about many, many times. But all my wallets have not been publicized in such a way that (Bubblemaps) have.

Shiba Inu Founder Appears To Be “De-Clustering”

Although the anonymous message didn’t confirm or deny whether these addresses are Ryoshi’s, the next series of actions likely increases the odds that the unexpected message was from the founder. Bubblemaps notes that immediately after the message was posted, two strategic SHIB wallets linked to the founder were emptied and moved to 20 new wallets. 

One of them, “0x1406”, originally bought 100 trillion SHIB after launching in 2020 before moving SHIB to 13 new wallets. Bubblemaps assert that this address, “0x1406”, belongs to Ryoshi.

Ryoshi wallets split| Source: Bubblemaps
Ryoshi wallets split| Source: Bubblemaps

The decision to de-cluster, Bubblemaps observes, is an attempt for the founder to vanish. However, while the wallet owner wants privacy to be respected, the blockchain analytics platform claims they want “more transparency.”

The pseudonymous nature of blockchain transactions makes the portal appealing to users seeking to shield their privacy. Since the launch of Bitcoin, the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto’s BTC addresses have been identified. Analysts believe Nakamoto’s address controls 1 million BTC. However, these coins have not been moved since the network was created in 2009. 

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