NFTs in MoMA 🖌 – by William M. Peaster Trending Crypto News

NFTs in MoMA 🖌 - by William M. Peaster
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Dear Bankless Nation,

This week The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) acquired not one, but two NFTs: Unsupervised by Refik Anadol and a PFP from Ian Cheng’s dynamic conceptual art series 3FACE.

In 100 years when every museum has 1,000s of NFTs in their holdings, early acquisitions like this will look absolutely prescient.

For now though, let’s just round up all the other NFT intrigues from this week! Thanks for reading everyone, have a great weekend, and stay creative ✌️


🦊 Goodbye complicated exchanges. Hello simple swapping. 🦊

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Over the past week, the floor-based market cap of the NFT space rose from 7 million ETH to 7.1 million ETH for a 1.43% gain ⤴️

🏹 Settle, Hunt, Claim, Repeat.

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Farcaster, my favorite crypto social project right now, went permissionless this week so now anyone can sign up for an account on the Optimism L2. 

That said, I think there’s a decent chance Farcaster ages like fine wine and can have breakout success down the road. If that pans out, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to show off you were a user at the start, e.g. like being one of Twitter’s first tweeters? 

One easy way to hedge here accordingly is to collect the commemorative “Farcaster Is Open For Everyone” NFT, available as a free mint on Zora for the next month!

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1. Flynn Calcutt on ZK Hunt 🗡️

2. Modulus Labs on zkGAN NFTs 🎴

3. Polygon Labs on tokenization hype 🟣

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I’ve previously written about Zora Protocol Rewards and how artists can earn from them, and now it’s turn for curators to get in on the action. That’s because Zora just added a “Share” button to every Zora mint page that automatically generates a referral link connected to your wallet address. Any time someone mints through your link, you’ll earn 0.000111 ETH a pop! 

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