Nearly $6.5b in Bitcoin and Ethereum options are set to expire Trending Crypto News

Nearly $6.5b in Bitcoin and Ethereum options are set to expire
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Over $6.51 billion in Bitcoin and Ethereum options are due to expire on Nov. 24, potentially indicating heightened trading activity.

A  vast number of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) options are set to expire on Nov. 24, potentially influencing market dynamics. This comes in the wake of the U.S. DOJ’s recent criminal charges against the Binance and its hefty $4.3 billion fine. 

Specifically, about 108,000 BTC options are nearing their expiration date. These options carry a Put Call Ratio of 0.83, indicating a slightly higher inclination towards call options (betting on price increase) than put options (betting on price decrease).

The ‘max pain point’ for these options is $33,000, which is the price level where the collective holders of the options contracts would experience the most financial loss. The total notional value of these BTC options is a staggering $4.04 billion.

In parallel, approximately 1.2 million ETH options are also approaching expiration. These have a Put Call Ratio of 0.71, further leaning towards call options. The max pain point for these ETH options is set at $1,700, with a notional value amounting to $2.47 billion.

The concept of ‘max pain’ in options trading is crucial to understand. It refers to the price level at which the total value of options (both calls and puts) expiring on a certain date will cause the maximum financial loss to the option holders. This concept is often used by traders to assess potential market movements as options near their expiration dates.

What does it mean?

When BTC options are set to expire, it means that the contracts, which give the holder the right but not the obligation to buy or sell Bitcoin at a predetermined price (the strike price) by a specified date (the expiration date), are reaching the end of their validity period.

On the expiration date, these options must be either exercised or they will become worthless. If the market price of Bitcoin is favorable relative to the strike price, the option holder may choose to exercise the option to buy Bitcoin at this lower price. Conversely, if the market price is below the strike price of a put option, the holder may exercise the option to sell Bitcoin at the higher strike price.

The impending expiration of these options could result in heightened trading activity and potentially unpredictable price movements in the market. Traders and investors are closely monitoring these developments, especially in light of the recent legal actions against Binance, which have already injected notable volatility into the market. 

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