Movement Labs bridges Move and Ethereum with new layer-2 rollup  Trending Crypto News

Movement Labs bridges Move and Ethereum with new layer-2 rollup 
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Movement Labs, a team creating tools and infrastructure to enhance security and efficiency in blockchains, has revealed plans to launch M2, a layer-2 rollup for Ethereum incorporating the Move Virtual Machine (Move VM).

According to a press release shared with, the advanced interoperability project aims to unlock new functionality for developers building on Ethereum by leveraging Celestia’s modular data availability infrastructure via Blobstream and the modular stack.

Solidity projects can be launched on M2 without writing Move code, thanks to Movement’s Fractal module. It converts Solidity scripting into opcodes that next-generation virtual machines, like Move, can understand, providing enhanced performance and security.

Move VM originated from Meta (formerly Facebook) as a code language optimized for security and efficiency. By deploying it as a rollup atop Ethereum’s highly decentralized base layer, Movement Labs believes a best-of-both-worlds foundation emerges.

According to the team, the M2 mainnet incorporates Celestia for Data Availability, Snowman for Shared Sequencing, and the Move Virtual Machine for execution, boosting processing speeds to over 145,000 TPS.

Specifically, Celestia’s custom-built “Blobstream” technology will enable Movement’s rollup to achieve throughput speeds beyond 145,000 transactions per second (TPS). This exponentially greater capacity compared to Ethereum, at around 15 TPS at optimum, paves the way for consumer apps with global reach.

The modular “Lego block” style setup also streamlines adoption for existing Ethereum projects via solidity script transitions. Teams can migrate to tap into Move’s advanced features without extensive rewrites. This build-on approach aims to merge communities.

Movement Labs co-founder Rushi Manche emphasizes architectural choice as enabling more comprehensive interoperability and long-term tool accessibility across web3. Manche and team envision Move becoming a cornerstone for blockchains, much as Linux spearheaded open-source software development through collaborative adjustment.

By propelling Ethereum expansion with a versatile design, scalability at negligible costs, and top-tier security audits, the M2 rollup mainnet manifests Movement Labs’ ethos around accessibility and performance-boosting standardization.

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