Matr1x Scores Big with $10M Boost for Gaming and NFTs Trending Crypto News

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The Singaporean NFT gaming firm Matr1x recently hit the jackpot with an additional $10 million in funding, bringing its entire capital value to $20 million, to enhance its mobile gaming and NFTs. 

Web3 investor Folius Ventures led the funding alongside fellow crypto VC SevenX. ABCDE Capital, Jambo, Initiate Capital, and the makers of the move-to-earn NFT game Stepn also partook in the round owing to having faith in Matr1x’s leading product and future endeavors. 

Matr1x’s Flagship Project and Next Steps

The gaming studio’s flagship product, ‘Matr1x Fire’, is a first-person shooter mobile game. Players can select from numerous playable characters and compete with five-person teams in a bid to wipe out their enemies. The game’s visual appeal is similar to Riot Games’ famous shooter ‘Valorant’, with maps, weapons, and characters echoing the competitive title. 

Matr1x aims to foster an esports culture around its flagship game, which is currently still in its development phase. Additionally, it recently released two NFT projects and plans to debut a third collection, acting as membership passes for “governance access and revenue sharing of its creator economy.” Buyers of these digital collectibles are also poised to be rewarded an upgradeable “battle pet”.

Now injected with an extra $10 million in funding, Matr1x gaming and NFTs are destined for a breakthrough, offering both gamers and NFT fanatics a promising future filled with thrilling experiences and opportunities.

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