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Akord NFT Data Management
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Lousy data management, security breaches, and data loss can cause significant financial repercussions in the NFT realm. Akord addresses these vulnerabilities, providing decentralized, permanent and tamper-proof storage for digital collectibles.

By offering a robust platform of tools that overrides common pitfalls of NFT management and security, Akord ensures the data of each digital asset is secured forever, distributed across a decentralized network – crucial for maintaining trust and value in the NFT marketplace.

Safeguarding NFT Assets 

Traditionally, keeping NFTs on cloud services like IPFS and AWS presents multiple risks. These centralized solutions can cause issues where if the hosting company goes under or removes content, the non-fungible collectibles become worthless due to crucial metadata being lost

Akord, built on the Arweave network, defeats such challenges, promising more than 200 years of safe NFT storage by storing the data of NFTs on serverless, trustless, and censorship-resistant technology.

By enhancing NFT management via features such as asset organization using manifest and metadata storage, Akord is an all-encompassing, easily reachable solution for NFT projects, enabling international access and empowering value through detailed curator information and histories. Not forgetting, the platform is cost-effective, with free storage up to 100MB and credit card top-ups. 

Other Pioneering NFT Management Approaches

Further enabling the permanent storage of digital assets, Arweave has developed ‘Atomic NFTs’, storing metadata, media files, and smart contracts on one decentralized network. What sets Atomic NFTs apart is their ability to combine all data into one single transaction, ensuring authenticity and permanence on the blockchain.

Providing creators with greater control over their digital assets yet again, Akord has also developed an innovative tool dubbed ‘Akord Mint’, which empowers users to create Atomic NFTs incorporated with Arweave’s Universal Data Licensing and add a ‘License’ tag to their media, including usage monetization like ongoing or one-time fees, and terms and conditions such as commercial rights.

Navigating Akord for Long-Term NFT Storage 

Rapidly establishing itself as a user-friendly platform for easily uploading data on Arweave, Akord simplifies complexities surrounding NFTs alongside other Web3 technologies, making it the go-to place for novices and seasoned blockchain users alike wanting to safeguard their assets. 

Thanks to the utilization of Arweave’s blockchain technology, to sign up, all users need to do is store a recovery phrase, negating the need for third-party wallets or managing different types of tokens.

Akord NFT data management is user-friendly, efficient, and secure, transforming how users experience and interact with digital collectibles, positioning itself as an influential company in the Web3 storage sector.

The team behind Akord actively assists creators, builders and NFT projects, irrespective of their size. So, get in touch with the team on Discord.

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