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Breaking news in the Web3 gaming world today: the interoperable blockchain game developed by Illuvium Labs, Illuvium, proudly announced it’s breaking into the mainstream with an imminent listing on the Epic Games Store on November 28.

Illuvium fans can eagerly anticipate an “ultimate Arena PVP experience”, early access, auto-updating gameplay, and becoming a part of Epic’s extensive gamer user base that exceeds 180 million users, owing to being the hub of high-profile titles like Fortnite and Grand Theft Auto.

Illuvium’s ‘Epic’ New Gaming Dimensions

Developed using ‘Unreal Engine 5’ on the Immutable X network, the Illuvium beta launch on Epic will include three additional game genres: ‘Arena and Zero’ – an auto battle game, ‘Overworld’ – a free-roaming exploration game, and a not-yet-titled desktop and mobile city-builder that is poised to link to other gaming titles. 

As part of its mission to gain mainstream acceptance, Illuvium is refining itself to comply with Epic’s regulation and compatibility requirements, switching to a free-to-play model that doesn’t demand NFTs, cryptocurrency or a digital wallet for gameplay. 

The decision to make the gaming experience possible without NFTs and cryptocurrency follows a time when blockchain games struggle to break into the mainstream. Widespread criticism suggests that such digital assets alter game designs, making gameplay more about monetization and less about the ultimate gaming experience. 

Nonetheless, this isn’t the first time blockchain-based games have joined Epic Games. Illuvium is following the footprints of Gods Unchained, Blankos Block Party, and Project Red, among many others. 

Joining the same ecosystem as highly cherished Web2 and Web3 games alike, this forthcoming Illuvium x Epic Games listing is a milestone that demands widespread attention. 

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