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Recent transactions by Arca, a prominent investment firm, involving Arbitrum native token ARB, have again put them under the spotlight. According to on-chain tracking platform Lookonchain, the firm has suffered a substantial loss nearing half a million recently.

Arca’s Arbitrum Shipment to Binance

Lookonchain reported earlier today that Arca transferred roughly 1.49 million ARB tokens to Binance. With a value of around $1.21 million, this transaction indicates a possible liquidation of Arca’s holdings in Arbitrum (ARB).

If this were the case, according to Lookonchain, it would translate into a significant loss of $465,000 for the investment firm. Notably, as significant as it seems, the ARB token transaction isn’t an isolated case of Arca’s investments not panning out as anticipated. Loononchain noted: “Arca’s investment this year appears to be terrible.”

An analytical dive into the firm’s past decisions has shown similar patterns. For instance, Arca’s foray into GMX and DYDX left them with losses of $231,000 and $304,000, respectively. Their stakes in DPX and SYN further compounded their negative streak, resulting in losses of $142,000 and $107,000.

Silver Linings Amid Investment Storms

However, it’s crucial to note that not all is gloomy for Arca. Investment is as much about strategy as it is about timing, and while the firm has faced setbacks, they’ve also had its share of victories.

An example is their investment in RDNT, which proved profitable, netting them a profit of $294,000, according to the on-chain tracking platform.

Furthermore, Arca is not alone in its recent losses with Arbitrum. The ARB token has seen a decline of nearly 10% over the past week and 1.2% in just the last day, ensnaring numerous traders in its bearish trajectory.

Data from Coinglass indicates that Arbitrum has witnessed total liquidations amounting to approximately $376,160 in the past 24 hours alone. A significant portion of these liquidations were long positions, valued at $282,120, compared to short positions at a mere $93,840.

This data suggests that many traders were optimistic about ARB’s potential to follow a bullish trend. However, starkly contrasting their expectations, they faced significant losses.

When writing, the ARB token is trading at $0.72, marking a significant drop of roughly 90% from its all-time high of $8.67 recorded just seven months ago in March.

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