How Binance And Coinbase Are Adapting To Regulatory Changes Trending Crypto News

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Two crypto industry giants, Binance and Coinbase, have recently adjusted to align with the United Kingdom’s crypto regulations to continue their operations in the country.

These changes are pivotal in the crypto industry’s journey as countries grapple with integrating digital assets into their financial systems worldwide.

The FCA’s Stance On Crypto

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK’s financial regulatory body, has been forthright about its concerns regarding crypto investments. The authority classifies these investments as high-risk, noting their potential for significant financial losses.

CryptoBusy, a prominent Bitcoin analyst, recently shared these sentiments on X (previously known as Twitter). The post underscored the FCA’s warnings about the inherent complexities of digital asset investments, highlighting potential pitfalls such as the absence of regulatory protections and difficulties in liquidating investments when desired.

Furthermore, the FCA suggests that investors tread carefully, diversifying their portfolios rather than placing all their financial eggs in one basket.

How Binance And Coinbase Are Responding

In the face of these guidelines, Binance and Coinbase have swiftly adjusted their offerings for the UK market. In its recent announcement, the former clearly stated that crypto investments wouldn’t benefit from the protection of the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The exchange has taken additional steps to ensure regulatory compliance by limiting certain services to UK Professional Clients. Among these restricted services are spot trading of over 350 cryptocurrencies and the ability to transact in non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Coinbase, on the other hand, echoed similar sentiments by urging UK-based investors to exercise caution. They advised potential investors not to venture into the crypto space unless they are fully prepared to bear potential losses, emphasizing the high-risk nature of digital asset investments.

Notably, as a part of its compliance with the new UK rules, Binance has recently launched a dedicated domain for its United Kingdom users. According to Binance, the newly established UK domain – – ensures that only services compliant with the prevailing marketing regulations are accessible.

This encompasses services such as fiat and crypto transactions, spot trading, margin trading, Binance pay, and crypto-backed loans. Conversely, certain Binance offerings will be off-limits to UK patrons, including features like Binance gift cards, academy, research, feed, and referral bonuses.

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