GTA VI Trailer Leaked Early With Giant “Buy $BTC” Caption Trending Crypto News

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The much-awaited trailer for Rockstar Games’ GTA VI was leaked ahead of its official unveiling with a large “BUY $BTC” caption.

GTA VI Trailer Leaks Early With Buy BTC Logo, Rockstar Responds With Official Reveal

According to a post on the leaks-based subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, an X user with the handle name “gta6trailerleak” posted the GTA 6 trailer ahead of the official release.

GTA VI is the next installment in the ever-popular “Grand Theft Auto” series and the game has often been hyped up as the most-anticipated ever among gaming circles.

At the start of the month, Rockstar Games, the developer of the series, dropped a post on X unveiling the official date and time for the release of the game’s first trailer.

Originally, the trailer was meant to go up later today, but as mentioned before, someone leaked it about 15 hours early. In response to the leak, Rockstar decided to drop the GTA VI trailer earlier than planned.

The leaker’s account has also since been suspended and with it, the original leaked trailer post has also disappeared. A user on another subreddit, r/LeaksAndRumours, though, has saved an upload of the now-deleted trailer.

The leaked trailer was identical to the one that Rockstar ended up putting out, except for the fact that it had much poorer image quality and a huge “BUY $BTC” caption right in the middle.

A snapshot of the leaked trailer | Source: u/Retrix33 on Reddit

Since the day that the game was officially teased, it has been the main topic of talk in the community and its reach has been so strong that the earlier-mentioned post for the trailer date announcement became the most-liked in the history of the platform formerly known as Twitter.

So far, the official trailer on YouTube already has almost 50 million views, further showing the phenomenon that the game has been. GTA V, the game’s predecessor, is currently the second-best-selling videogame of all time according to Wikipedia and it’s likely that GTA VI would follow in its footsteps.

Given how large an event the GTA VI trailer was going to be, it would appear that the leaker, a likely Bitcoin supporter, decided to use it to garner more attention for the cryptocurrency and was perhaps hoping that with such attention, some extra price uplift would also appear for the asset.

Bitcoin Hasn’t Moved Much Since The Trailer Has Dropped

It would appear that BTC hasn’t enjoyed any noticeable benefit from the leak, as the asset has moved rather flat in the past day. The below chart shows how the asset has performed during the last few days.

Bitcoin Price Chart

Looks like BTC hasn't moved much during the last 24 hours | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView

At present, BTC is trading around the $41,600 level, having registered a rally of over 12% during the past week.

Featured image from Rockstar Games, chart from

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