Mastodon’s $FET blazes trail in AI crypto rally Trending Crypto News's $FET blazes trail in AI crypto rally
Sharing is Caring’s $FET is now leading the Santa rally in AI narratives. IntoTheBlock’s latest report shows FET tokens being accumulated at an average price of $0.488.

IntoTheBlock recently released an IN/OUT of the Money Indicator surrounding The data from the report says that the accumulated tokens resulted in 99% of $FET holders being in profits.

In fact, the FET token has reached its all-time high when it comes to market cap. The token has hit a market capitalization of 700 million dollars. hit a total market cap of more than 500 million dollars way back in 2021.

During this time, the FET token was trading above 1 dollar. Currently, the token is priced at 0.724 dollars, up 0.89% in the past 24 hours. FET has gained a whopping 39.65% value in the past month. That is why coin price prediction is a popular topic among FET token holders.

Traders are trying to reassess their portfolios using the FET token due to its ongoing rally. In the past year, $FET has gained a value of 759.67%. However, the token is still 39.29% below its all-time high of 1.19 dollars. is 250% above its October low, with a 52% hike above its yearly high of 0.48 dollars. It goes without saying that the FET token has a high probability of hitting the 1-dollar mark soon.

The token seems to be aiming for that with new updates like its upcoming airdrop. will be airdropping 500 dollars worth of FET tokens shortly. Given the rally has been on, the FET token is expected to reach its peak in the coming months.

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