Exclusive ‘Phygital’ NFTs Launched by Bybit for MIBR’s 20th Anniversary Trending Crypto News

Exclusive ‘Phygital’ NFTs Launched by Bybit for MIBR’s 20th Anniversary
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Bybit, the world’s third most-visited crypto exchange, has collaborated with the esports team Made in Brazil (MIBR) to launch a ‘phygital’ NFT collection. This physical merchandise is linked with digital assets and celebrates MIBR’s 20th anniversary. Exclusively hosted on Bybit, the series will begin rolling out on October 24th, with two new NFTs unveiled each following week.

The Phygital Collection: An Intersection of Real and Digital Worlds

This phygital collection comprises 12 legendary jerseys in different rarity levels, each capturing distinct milestones in MIBR’s competitive history. Phygital NFTs are unique in that they’re tied to real-life apparel, in this case, jerseys, merging the physical and digital realms. The standard editions are capped at 250 prints, while the ultra-rare versions are restricted to just five units each. Notably, six of these sought-after NFTs will be freely available, with the rest for purchase on Bybit’s platform.

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Engagement and Rewards for Fans

This phygital collection isn’t just a lineup of digital assets; it serves as a comprehensive fan engagement system. Those who collect all the NFTs will be gifted a tailor-made, autographed MIBR jersey. If you secure 11 NFTs, a personalized shoutout from a chosen MIBR pro awaits. Furthermore, owners of 7 to 10 NFTs will enjoy an exclusive MIBR store discount and a special $BRZ bonus on Bybit.

ByBit and the Phygital Initiative

ByBit provides users with features such as a high-speed matching engine, 24/7 customer support, and community support in multiple languages. They have also partnered with the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, the current Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions in Formula One.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, conveyed that this phygital collaboration with MIBR serves multiple purposes, “By joining the physical and digital worlds with this ‘phygital’ NFT collaboration with MIBR, we are not only celebrating their rich history but also setting a precedent for the future of fan engagement and phygital collectibles. It’s a testament to our commitment to offering innovative experiences to our global community.” He added, “It’s an honor to facilitate the fusion of the dynamic worlds of esports and cryptocurrency,”

This phygital collaboration between Bybit and MIBR represents an exciting convergence of esports and Web3, expanding the concept of NFTs into the real world.

Roberta Coelho, CEO of MIBR, also shared her excitement about the collaboration. “This collaboration enables us to celebrate and immortalize MIBR’s two-decade journey,” she said. “We’re thrilled to share this milestone with our global fans through Bybit’s next-level crypto exchange.”

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