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Evernode, a layer-2 network developed on the XRP Ledger (XRPL), has recently provided crucial updates concerning its airdrop for XRP holders. The project, which integrates smart contract capabilities with XRPL, has revised its launch to December 18, 2023, following technical challenges. On the same day, the airdrop is expected to take place.

Evernode Launch Date Announced

The revised launch date of December 18, 2023, is primarily due to delays with the XUMM wallet’s integration in supporting account cloning on the Xahau network. This network is a recent addition as a sidechain to the XRPL.

Situated within this new framework is Evernode, a pioneering project on Xahau. Evernode is the first major project built on Xahau, marking the first major initiative developed using the Hooks feature that Xahau introduces to the broader XRP Ecosystem.

Regarding the launch, Evernode stated, “We’re now targeting launch on 18 December 2023… XUMM has been unexpectedly delayed in supporting the cloning of XRPL Accounts on Xahau. We can’t finalize our airdrop until this happens. We believe this will be ready by 18 December, but it is obviously beyond our control and may still change.”

Besides that, Evernode informed the community about a notable achievement. The project’s three Hooks have been successfully audited, an important milestone in ensuring the network’s security and functionality.

Additionally, the project has established the Xahau address for issuing Evers tokens: rEvernodee8dJLaFsujS6q1EiXvZYmHXr8. For users and airdrop participants, it is crucial to verify this address to avoid scams.

Snapshot Details And Eligibility For XRP Holders

The airdrop’s eligibility was determined by a snapshot taken on September 1, 2023, at Ledger #82237135. This snapshot recorded the XRP balances on the mainnet at 6:00 PM AEST (8:00 AM UTC). Eligibility for the airdrop includes XRP holders who held up to 50,000 XRP in a non-custodial wallet or used Bitrue or Uphold at the snapshot time.

Evers tokens will be airdropped into the Xahau account based on XRP holdings in the corresponding XRPL account on the snapshot date. Moreover, the projects’ update further mentioned the commencement of the “formal process” of airdrop preparation on November 27, along with the promise of a tool to assist users in registering and calculating their Evers token allocation based on XRP holdings at the time of the snapshot.

The Evers token (EVRS) has a maximum supply of 72,253,440. The airdrop will distribute 20,643,840 Evers among various stakeholders, including 5,160,960 to XRP holders, 5,160,960 to founders, 5,160,960 to beta testers, and 5,160,960 to the Evernode project itself.

The remaining 51,609,600 EVRS tokens will be held inside the Evernode Registry Hook. They will be distributed as rewards to hosts in 10 epochs of 5,160,960 Evers over 118 years.

Evernode’s launch is anticipated to be a major addition to the XRPL ecosystem. The introduction of a layer-2 network and sidechain could expand development possibilities, leading to more advanced dApps and potentially increasing user engagement with XRPL.

At press time, the XRP price has posted a bullish breakout from its downtrend channel in the shorter timeframe, trading at $0.6185.

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