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Decentraland NAME identities
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Gone are the days when Metaverse users would identify by a string of non-personal numbers. Individuals can now embrace more unique and personal identities online through Decentraland NAME. 

In place of users being tagged with a generic # with four numbers next in line, Decentraland users can now claim a name that reflects their digital personas. Though subtle, it’s a profound shift that fosters individuality, freedom, and governance within Decentraland’s ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Simplified Interactions with ENS Subdomains 

Assigned to avatars or parcels and claimable with MANA, each Decentraland NAME accompanies a noble edition — an ENS subdomain. Available on Ethereum, each URL serves as a wallet address tied to the user’s Decentraland NAME. For instance, if a user’s identifier is ‘Loola’, their ENS subdomain would be ‘Loola.DCL.ETH’. In turn, this makes sending and receiving assets easier and transporting outsiders to other virtual spaces a breeze. 

Another crucial benefit of owning a Decentraland NAME is the ability to inhabit and craft a virtual 3D space on ‘Worlds‘ — Decentraland’s central infrastructure that provides users with a blank canvas to unleash their creative flair while fostering engagement and ownership. Users can craft their very own unique Worlds simply by owning a NAME. 

Name Changing for DAO Governance 

The weight of Decentraland NAME exceeds personal digital personas and convenience. Additionally, the name-changing system plays a prominent role in bolstering decentralization within the Metaverse through its interplay with the Decentraland DAO. 

Decentraland’s DAO is the crux of decision-making and governance within the platform. Members of the organization influence the future of the Metaverse through voting power granted through owning assets within the ecosystem — one of which includes Decentraland NAMEs. Consequently, the ownership of these virtual names empowers users to have a say in Decentraland’s forthcoming endeavors with proper, personalized recognition. 

Simply put, this NAME development illustrates Decentraland’s commitment to personalization, innovation, and inclusive governance within its intriguing Metaverse realm, heralding a new era of creative expression, control and virtual experiences. 

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