CryptoPunks NFT Holders Offered Physical Prints Trending Crypto News

CryptoPunks NFT Holders Offered Physical Prints
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A partnership between online art store Avant Arte and CryptoPunks brand owner Yuga Labs has been announced, offering holders of CryptoPunk NFTs the opportunity to own physical prints of their art collections.

Avant Arte is offering two types of physical CryptoPunks collections. The first is called “Punk-On-Chain,” and it allows each punk owner to commission a Punk-on-Chain print copy for each digital CryptoPunk they own; however, they must prove ownership first. The second collection, called “10,000 On-Chain,” is a print collection of all 10,000 CryptoPunks open to anyone, even if they don’t own the original on-chain version. This curated sale will only last for 48 hours, from October 26th to October 28th, 2021.

Distinguishing Characteristics and Authenticity Measures

Each printed punk is distinguishable from the others by various characteristics. For instance, the 10,000 On-Chain pieces are archival pigment prints with a silkscreen varnish seal, while the Punks-On-Chain pieces are UV pigment prints with white underpins. Regardless, each version of every punk includes a Yuga Labs holographic sticker that proves its authenticity.

The Punks-On-Chain items feature a QR code on the back of the print, leading to a blockchain-based digital Certificate of Authenticity (CoA). Meanwhile, the 10,000 On-Chain pieces ship with a physical CoA that contains a QR code leading to the digital CoA, but the QR code is not on the print itself.

Source Avant Arte

CryptoPunks is a pioneer of algorithmically generated art distributed through blockchain technology. It was created by Larva Labs and released in June 2017. Actually, it was first minted for free to any Ethereum network user. Currently, the least expensive CryptoPunks sell for about $78,000, and the entire collection has a market capitalization of over $801 million, according to data from CoinGecko.

In conclusion, this partnership offers an exclusive chance for CryptoPunks owners to invest in a rare, one-of-a-kind opportunity to have tangible versions of their digital art collection. The partnership with Avant Arte adds a new dimension to the CryptoPunks collection, bringing the NFT ownership experience to a new level.

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