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Crypto-infused Luxury: The High Price of Vertu’s Metavertu II
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In the ever-evolving smartphone market, Vertu has unveiled its new crown jewel – the Metavertu II. Armed with unique attributes, this new luxury smartphone caters to a specific audience, the crypto-affluent.

The concept of luxury is deeply ingrained in the Metavertu II. Retailing from $5,100, the smartphone also exists in a special alligator skin version costing a cool $9,300. CEO Gary Chan establishes the device’s alignment with the lifestyle of the crypto-rich, adding an interesting layer to the concept of luxury.

Vertu’s Evolving Strategy

After its 2018 relaunch, Vertu has placed itself at the intersection of luxury and technology by integrating Web3 elements into its products.

It showcases features like a built-in crypto wallet and a speciality operating system for dapps. The phone’s unique I-DID identity mechanism links the device’s IMEI number with the user’s decentralized identifiers, warding off potential identity theft.

A key aspect of the Metavertu II is the “unhackable” secure chip. By segregating encrypted data from Web3 dapps, it bolsters the security system. Moreover, the phone independently supports zero-knowledge-proof operations, aiming to cut down on gas fees and boost efficiency.

Blending AI and Web3, Vertu presents its AI Butler service. This combines AI functions with Web3 tech to ensure user data sovereignty, setting a new standard of personalized control for users.

Navigating the Challenges of Web3

Despite these features, Web3’s virtues coexist with limitations. Gary Chan signals the hurdles, marking issues with user experience and high entry barriers. As a solution, he suggests adopting a “Web2.5” approach which combines the benefits of Web2 and Web3, adjusting the technology to the user’s needs and not the opposite.

The Metavertu II, with its high allure and corresponding price tag, targets the crypto-wealthy. Packed with high-end features, it serves as both a luxury item and a practical device. The question remains whether this is a foresight into the future of smartphones or just an expensive token for the crypto-affluent. Time will provide the answer.

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