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In an unprecedented partnership, the professional football club AC Milan is teaming up with the on-chain financial company centered around NFTs, Crossmint, to tokenize its iconic stadium, San Siro, for innovative Web3 fan engagement experiences.

The concept is surprisingly simple yet undeniably revolutionary: fans can purchase a plot of the Milan football ground through fractionalized NFTs. When game-changing events happen on a fan’s piece of the pitch during at-home matches (goals, assists, a yellow card, etc.), they receive significant rewards: signed football shirts, VIP experiences, free match tickets and beyond. 

Credit notably goes to not just AC Milan and Crossmint, but also Polygon Labs and FANBLOCK — all collaborative efforts have played a crucial role in bringing this fandom-nurturing project to life.

Strengthening Fan Engagements with NFTs 

The vision of this trailblazing project is to address a persistent problem sports clubs face – the ability to identify and reward devoted fans productively. 

Blockchain technology offers a solution to this problem. Fans can quickly receive tokens for their interactions across numerous platforms, enabling them to build loyalty scores with clubs, which they can proudly present worldwide. In turn, clubs can use these NFTs to bolster fan engagement by issuing countless privileges. 

Crossmint x AC Milan’s fractionalized NFTs will play a vital role in ensuring the effortless redemption of such advantages without complex integrations. The club’s partners, ticketing platforms, partners, streaming services, etc., can all partake. For instance, the club’s bar could offer complimentary drinks to engage fans in the midst of their football pitch’s fervor, enhancing the overall ambiance of the stadium and football matches. 

Proven Success in Blockchain and Sports

Crossmint’s partnership with AC Milan comes to light following the NFT and DeFi titan’s previous collaborations with esteemed sports institutions such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), the US Open, La Liga, Wimbledon, and iconic sports figures like Patrick Mahomes.

What makes Crossmint an attractive option for Web3 initiatives is its novice-friendly wallet and seamless NFT minting infrastructure. Entities can leverage blockchain technology to enhance fan experiences and engagements without needing prior Web3 knowledge or holding crypto, masking the blockchain’s sophisticated backend from end-users. 

Moreover, this isn’t the first time AC Milan has touched ground in the NFT sphere. In 2022, the team barnstormed a collaboration with the Web3 e-sports platform MonkeyLeague to launch top-tier NFTs with wearable jersey counterparts on Magic Eden — the same year it signed a multi-year deal with the sports NFT pioneer Sorare. 

As Crossmint and AC Milan’s partnership takes form, the future of fan engagement looks more optimistic than ever. It’s time for football fans to become active participants in the success of the club they champion and witness the sports world transform through the power of boundless blockchain technology. 

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