Bullish NFTs 🔥 – by William M. Peaster Trending Crypto News

Bullish NFTs 🔥 - by William M. Peaster
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Metaversal is a Bankless newsletter for weekly level-ups on NFTs, virtual worlds, & beyond

Dear Bankless Nation,

Many top crypto and NFT projects rallied hard this week, prompting many people to proclaim the start of a new bull cycle! 

We’ll see, but I do think it’s true this time.

If nothing else, it’s a welcome surge of excitement after the long, cold crypto winter these past couple of years. And if we’re really turning a corner now, all of us here still in the trenches are well positioned for what craziness may come next. 

For now though, just have a great weekend everyone and thanks as always for reading. Here’s your latest NFT roundup! ✌️


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William M. Peaster is the creator of Metaversal — a Bankless newsletter focused on the emergence of NFTs in the cryptoeconomy. He also serves as a senior writer for the main Bankless newsletter.

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