Bored Ape Band Takes Over Roblox with ‘Kingship Islands’ Trending Crypto News

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Bored Ape Yacht Club’s virtual band run by Universal Music Group, Kingship, has launched its very own interactive world on Roblox — Kingship Islands! 

Interestingly, this news comes on the heels of the CEO of the online gaming platform teasing about potentially utilizing NFTs in a recent interview with CNBC.

Kingship encourages players to participate in this new free-to-play RPG on the popular Roblox platform and involve their kids in the fun. Further heightening anticipation for this gaming adventure are the first two accessories to be revealed: “Mutant Slime Aura” and “Spaceship”. 

Adventuring into Kingship Islands

Once delving into Kingship Islands, players can expect to take off on an adventure across a tropical island while tuning into curated music. But don’t get too carried away: the ultimate goal is to bring together the Bored Ape band members. 

Throughout the six weeks of availability after launch, players can earn exclusive avatar emotes, in-game items, and NFTs that open additional advantages. Notably, the NFTs to watch out for, in particular, are the “Kingship Key Cards”, privy to unique benefits. Collecting 5,000 of these digital assets will grant players access to a private one-of-a-kind “Floating Villa”. 

Additionally, Kingship is rolling out innovative avatar accessories that leverage Roblox’s facial recognition technology. These fashion items, along with Kingship-inspired emotes, can also be bought in the game’s online shop or via the Roblox Marketplace. So, join the fun for free today!

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