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Bitget's announcement on the launch of spot auto-invest+ product
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Bitget recently announced the launch of its latest product, Spot auto-invest+. The announcement was made on the official website of Bitget.

The post read that Bitget will offer users an improved financial investment experience. Thus, users can now witness automatic investment with Earn Boost and Spot auto-invest+.

The bot has been designed to increase users’ income by depositing crypto into Flexible Savings gained from the auto-invest product. It will generate daily returns, facilitating redemption at any point.

The bot will automatically deposit the auto-invest currency enabled for additional returns into a specified product. Moreover, the funds needed to subscribe to the Earn product will be charged from the spot account. At the end, the generated income will be shared with the spot account daily, starting from the second day.

Given the massive use case of the tool, the announcement gained instant traction among traders. Users new to Bitget looked for a Bitget review to gauge an idea of the platform. The crypto exchange platform has been a reliable name in the market since its inception in 2018.

With the latest announcement, Bitget is catering to users looking for a simple way to earn from crypto. The exchange even posted the steps to use the latest product.

Here is how users can place an order:

For website users

  1. Start by navigating to the Earn menu. It is placed in the navigation bar.
  2. Tap on Spot auto-invest+
  3. Find the desired coin.
  4. Place the order.

For app users

  1. Reach the homepage.
  2. Click on Earn and select Spot auto-invest+
  3. Find the desired coin.
  4. Place the order.

Users can easily place orders on both the website and app using the new bot. Given the success of Bitget in the past few years, the bot is also expected to be a hit among users.

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