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In 2023, relentlessly pursued its mission to create more economic freedom in the world. The year was marked by significant advancements in technology, product upgrades, strategic partnerships, and expansion within’s Verse ecosystem. Each step taken was a stride towards empowering you with greater control and security over your digital assets while remaining laser-focused on providing a delightful and intuitive user experience. Here’s a deeper look into the key improvements:

Our focus in 2023 was to continue building the most user-friendly self-custody wallet solution. The enhancements made to the Wallet app are designed to make managing digital assets more intuitive and better aligned with your changing needs as the cryptocurrency space evolves. Here’s an overview of the biggest improvements delivered in 2023:

Comprehensive Wallet Redesign

We revamped the wallet app’s user interface, centering it around assets rather than blockchains as it had been previously. In a world where the most popular cryptoassets live on multiple blockchains, this change improves your experience by making it easier to manage tokens across chains.

Support for Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain Networks

This addition enables you to manage a diverse range of tokens and interact with thousands of decentralized applications on three of the most popular blockchain networks. Avalanche, Polygon, and BNB Smart Chain all enable low-fee, high-speed transactions, making trading tokens, earning, and interacting with dApps more accessible than ever. These upgrades reinforce our commitment to providing you with access to the most advanced tools in the space.

Earn Feature in Wallet

Launched in the app in August, the Earn feature facilitates easy interaction with liquidity pools on’s decentralized exchange Verse DEX, opening more avenues for you to generate returns on your cryptoassets. Check it out in the wallet here.

NFT Management Tools

In the latest version of the app, we integrated features enabling you to manage, display, and organize NFTs directly within your Polygon wallets, reflecting our commitment to the growing NFT space. Stay tuned because’s Verse NFTs will be launching soon! 🚀

Verse Explorer Beta Launch

We made a significant leap into web3 by delivering an in-app browser that allows seamless interaction with the growing range of decentralized applications in’s Verse ecosystem. For now these include’s decentralized exchange Verse DEX, our addictive “clicking game” Verse Clicker, and Verse Scratcher, where anyone can purchase provably fair scratch & win tickets for a chance to win up to 1 million VERSE.

The award-winning Bitcoin, crypto, and macro-focused news website with millions of monthly readers expanded to Spanish and Russian in 2023, with more languages on the way. This expansion reflects the growing internationalization of the crypto movement as people around the world increasingly demand high-quality coverage of the news that matters.

In 2023, we concentrated on building out the core infrastructure of’s Verse ecosystem. This early work provides a solid foundation for rapid expansion in the coming year. Learn more about Verse here.

Verse Farms Launched with High APYs

We introduced Verse Farms on’s decentralized exchange Verse DEX early in the year, featuring compelling yields to incentivize and grow our early community. To ensure sustainability, yields were gradually lowered as the year progressed, although some pools are still offering over 90% APY. Check it out on the web or in the app.

VERSE Staking Implementation

We simplified the process of earning yield on VERSE tokens by providing a straightforward and rewarding staking mechanism with consistent and sustainable yield, currently at over 5% APY. Stake your VERSE tokens in just a few clicks here.

Innovative Gaming Platforms

With the goal making VERSE more discoverable while also providing a hands-on way to onboard newcomers to empowering web3 tools, we introduced Verse Clicker and Verse Scratcher. Verse Clicker is a free-to-play fun & addictive game that pays homage to the original Cookie Clicker, but with a decentralized twist. Verse Scratcher enables anyone to purchase provably fair scratch & win tickets with a top prize of 1 million VERSE.

Community Voting

Following the community-led decision on our first voting proposal, we expanded VERSE onto the Polygon Network, ensuring more accessibility thanks to the faster and more cost-effective transactions enabled by Polygon. This strategic move lays the foundation for micro-rewards in the Verse ecosystem, further aligning incentives towards supercharging growth. Read more about the implications here.

Verse Burn Engine

The Verse Burn Engine is a decentralized application that allows anyone to trigger “burns” of VERSE tokens. When tokens are burned, they are no long accessible, meaning the total supply of VERSE is reduced forever. With Verse Burn Engine, the community gets to play a role in shaping the economy of’s rewards and utility token VERSE. Get all the Burn Engine details here — including how you can use it to boost your Verse Clicker score! 🕹️

Sustainable Token Management

A key focus in 2023 was on sustainable supply management of VERSE. To that end, we introduced three synergistic ways to burn (permanently destroy) VERSE tokens. Via the below-described three burn methods, the total number of burned tokens now exceeds 5 billion, which is more than 2.5% of the total supply and 25% of the circulating supply.

Buyback and Burn

Buyback and Burn uses assets (e.g. revenue and liquidity deployed in the market) to buyback VERSE from the open market on’s decentralized exchange Verse DEX, third-party DEXs, centralized exchanges, or in Over-The-Counter (OTC) trades. This VERSE is then sent to the Verse Burn Engine, where it accumulates until a burn is triggered. The purchase of VERSE with assets supports the price and is reflective of the overall financial performance of the Verse ecosystem. Burning the VERSE reduces overall token supply and creates a deflationary pressure on VERSE.

Sustainable Supply Reduction

This source allocates VERSE from the Ecosystem Fund to the Verse Burn Engine in a manner that is proportional to a given activity in the Verse ecosystem, as well as in a manner that ensures that the reduction of supply is sustainable over the lifetime of the token. This reduction in supply is also deflationary and creates a scarcity effect for VERSE.

Individual Contributions

Anyone can contribute VERSE tokens to the Verse Burn Engine . These tokens are burned whenever someone triggers the Engine.

You can track VERSE token burns at the Verse Burn Engine here, as well as on Dune Analytics here.

Strength through Partnerships

In 2023, the first year for’s VERSE token, we fortified our position in the crypto space by forming over 200 strategic partnerships. These efforts underscore our dedication to building a trustworthy and interconnected ecosystem. We focused on collaborations that bolster the utility of the VERSE token and enrich the ecosystem. Standout partnerships included:

Prominent Exchange Listings

  • Kucoin, a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange platform known for being the home of crypto gems, listed VERSE in May. Learn more.
  • BitMart. Founded in 2018, is a global cryptocurrency exchange with millions of users. The exchange doesn’t charge deposit fees, and it has a competitive fee structure. The trading fee for a standard user starts at 0.1 percent. BitMart listed VERSE in August. Learn more.


A diverse range of platforms and companies contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of crypto. In 2023, and Verse collaborated with at least 53 service-providers. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Simplex, a renowned fiat-to-crypto gateway and a long-standing partner integrated support for VERSE in October, making it easier than ever for people to buy’s ecosystem token. Read more.
  • MyCointainer enables users to earn a passive income from their cryptoassets, while leveraging a variety of other services, such as a cryptocurrency exchange and a cryptocurrency wallet. This integration extended VERSE token’s reach by giving MyCointainer’s users knowledge of, and an easy method to purchase VERSE. Read more.
  • Beefy Finance. This partnership enabled automated compounding of Verse Farm rewards, unlocking significantly higher yield for farmers. Read more.

DEX Aggregators

DEX aggregators amplify the prominence of VERSE token and Verse DEX along with its transacted tokens by steering users in the direction of deep liquidity pools. At least 29 aggregators picked up Verse in 2023. Some of the more notable ones included 1inch, OpenOcean, ParaSwap, KyberSwap, and Rubic.


In the web3 ecosystem, self-custodial cryptocurrency wallets are crucial. The Wallet app is a significant player, boasting more than 45 million self-custody wallets created; however, it’s important to maintain a wide variety of crypto wallets catering to distinct needs. Incorporating VERSE token into these wallets enhances both its usability and visibility. At least 75 wallets integrated VERSE in 2023. Here are just a few of the most notable ones:

  • Web3 pioneer Carbon, where VERSE token, Verse DEX, and the Wallet app joined Carbon’s multifaceted ecosystem. Read more.
  • Roqqu, a leading African blockchain technology company with a vibrant community of 700,000 active users, listed VERSE throughout its robust wallet platform. This integration marked a significant stride towards making inroads to the African crypto market. Read more.
  • TokenPocket, a multi-chain wallet with hardware wallet support and over 3.5 million monthly active users, listed VERSE and Verse DEX in April. Read press release.

Analytical Tools

Public blockchains offer transparency in transactions, and analytical tools present this data clearly. Integrating Verse DEX and VERSE improves token visibility and enriches the experience for its holders. VERSE or Verse DEX were listed by at least 57 analytical tools in 2023, including:

  • TradingView, the globally renowned charting platform and social network for traders and investors, integrated VERSE token and Verse DEX in May. Read more.
  • Everyone’s favorite command-line data tool began tracking Verse Farm rewards in Feb. Check it out.
  • Notum. Among the explosion of new DeFi protocols, Notum has emerged as a solution to the problem of complexity new users struggle with and veterans endure. By integrating’s Verse DEX pools, this collaboration makes becoming a liquidity provider as straightforward as performing a token swap. Read more.

In 2023, we’ve ventured into new territories, embraced emerging technologies, and strengthened our community. The year ahead promises even more innovations as we continue to build a platform for true economic freedom.

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