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Welcome to the 12th edition of our partnerships and integrations overview, showcasing the relentless progression of the Verse ecosystem with 22 new and influential collaborations. This period features notable partnerships, such as the listing of VERSE token on Roqqu, a leading African blockchain technology company, marking a significant advancement in the African crypto market and the DeFi sphere. Additionally, we’ve joined forces with Uquid, a pioneering Web3 shopping platform, to list Verse DEX on their DApp Center, further enhancing our reach in over 180 countries. Along with these key alliances, the Verse ecosystem has seen an influx of integrations across services, DEX aggregators, analytical tools, and wallets, each contributing to the robust growth and accessibility of our offerings.

Beyond these two partnerships, there were many more high quality services, events, DEX aggregators, analytical tools, and wallets that partnered or integrated with the Verse ecosystem.

The full list is provided below, but first: invites crypto/web3/DeFi projects, teams, and businesses to propose collaborations, partnerships, and integrations with’s ecosystem token VERSE and decentralized exchange Verse DEX.

“Each collaboration brings unique value and helps us grow, which is why we’re always on the lookout for new partners and projects that align with our mission to foster the growth of economic freedom.”

-Ben Friedman, Business Development Manager

Please reach out to Ben Friedman for proposals.



DEX Aggregators

Analytical Tools




Roqqu, a leading African blockchain technology company with over 1.6 million users and a vibrant community of 700,000 active users, has listed the VERSE token, the official utility and rewards token of, on its robust wallet platform. This integration marks a significant stride in the African crypto market, especially in the burgeoning world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


Uquid, a Web3 shopping platform since 2016, offers an extensive range of both physical and digital products to over 2.5 million customers across 180+ countries with a product catalog exceeding 160 million items. In a significant development, Uquid has listed Verse DEX in its DApp Center.

A diverse range of platforms and companies contribute to the vibrant ecosystem of crypto. To make it foolproof and widely accessible, even more collaborations are necessary. Here are the services integrating with VERSE and its ecosystem.



The Giving Block


Acquiring | Receive Digital Currency Payments

Crypto Goodies


Product Hunt

Verse — Verse DEX is a full-featured decentralized exchange | Product Hunt Wallet — Crypto made simple: Dive into Wallet | Product Hunt

DEX aggregators amplify the prominence of Verse DEX along with its transacted tokens by steering users in the direction of deep liquidity pools.




Enso Finance

Public blockchains offer transparency in transactions, and analytical tools present this data clearly. Integrating Verse DEX and VERSE improves token visibility and enriches the experience for its holders.


In the web3 ecosystem, self-custodial cryptocurrency wallets are crucial. The Wallet app is a significant player boasting more than 40 million self-custody wallets created; however, it’s important to maintain a wide variety of crypto wallets catering to distinct needs. Incorporating VERSE token into these wallets enhances both its usability and visibility.








Events allow individuals to grasp the basics of DeFi by breaking down intricate concepts and emphasizing its myriad benefits. These events also foster connections with like-minded individuals and organizations, often becoming the starting point for unexpected collaborations and alliances.

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