Across the Mocaverse: Ubisoft’s Partnership with Animoca Brands Trending Crypto News

Across the Mocaverse: Ubisoft’s Partnership with Animoca Brands
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Animoca Brands, widely known for supporting blockchain game startups, declared a joint enterprise with Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab. The collaboration’s primary focus is to propel Ubisoft’s Web3 efforts within Mocaverse, Animoca Brands‘ metaverse initiative. More specifically, the partnership seeks to boost Ubisoft’s Web3 projects, including the new RPG game, Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles, which offers player-versus-player combat in the mythical world of Grimoria.

Champions Tactics: A New Era in Gaming

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles is a big step for Ubisoft and the gaming world. The game aims to make gameplay more engaging, give players more control, and change how in-game economies work, all thanks to blockchain. This move highlights the importance of blockchain in gaming and shows Ubisoft’s commitment to bringing new ideas to the industry.

Moreover, the objective of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab is to enable Ubisoft to stay ahead of the curve. Serving as both a think-tank and a do-tank, the Lab scrutinizes evolving technology, business, and society trends to pinpoint innovative opportunities.

Mocaverse: Bridging Networks for a Meta-Experience

Mocaverse has plans to develop an interoperable meta-experience layer that integrates with Animoca Brands’ ample network of over 400 portfolio companies and its expansive partner base. The project has its roots in Web3 identity, social connections, and the growth of the cultural and entertainment industries. However, a crucial part of Mocaverse’s offering, the Web3 Frequent Player Program, will play a vital role in collaborating with Ubisoft by integrating Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles.

Yat Siu, the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, remarked: “Animoca Brands is dedicated to onboarding users to Web3 through gaming, culture, and entertainment. We’re incredibly excited to partner with Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab to drive awareness and facilitate user onboarding by tapping into the Mocaverse program and incentives.”

Rewarding Participation: The Web3 Frequent Player Program

One of the unique offerings of the Mocaverse project is the Web3 Frequent Player Program, which seeks to engage and reward those who participate actively. Moca ID holders can acquire Realm Points through active platform participation. They can exchange these points for various benefits and rewards, digital and physical, provided by Mocaverse, Animoca Brands, and their partners. The program incentivises users to participate, cultivating a vibrant interactive environment within the Mocaverse ecosystem.

Incorporating Ubisoft’s Champions Tactics Grimoria Chronicles into this program requires a substantial step in merging gaming and Web3 technologies. This convergence promises to deliver a unique, immersive gaming experience to its user base.

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