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In a recent video analysis, crypto pundit Lewis Jackson highlighted several indicators that Ripple is gearing up for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Jackson dissected the company’s recent hiring trends, strategic growth moves, and regulatory battles as preparatory steps toward going public.

Biggest Signs That Ripple Prepares An IPO

Jackson emphasized the significant uptick in Ripple’s mergers and acquisitions (M&A), stating, “Before an IPO occurs a company will start doing M&A and this M&A activity means mergers and acquisitions. Now we’ve seen Ripple buy Metaco and they were in contact with Fortress and you know there’s all kinds of things happening where they were acquiring companies left right and center.”

He also pointed out the strategic roles Ripple is currently hiring for, such as the director and manager of corporate development, which are geared towards steering strategic growth. These roles, he noted, are instrumental in managing mergers and acquisitions and creating new partnerships. “This is the time Ripple is doing this right now,” Jackson explained, emphasizing the importance of such positions in building a solid business model pre-IPO.

Additionally, Jackson delved into the company’s hiring of various engineering roles to enhance infrastructure and technical capabilities. While he stated that this does not necessarily reflect on the prospect of an IPO directly, it signifies the company’s focus on growth and expansion.

In terms of financial staffing, Jackson highlighted that Ripple is looking for a director of international tax and a financial risk director, essential for ensuring that the company’s finances are audited and compliant with international tax laws. “You need these positions in place and you need that infrastructure underneath to be clearly showing what’s going on underneath the hood of Ripple,” Jackson remarked, underlining the importance of transparency and accountability in the IPO process.

The most telling sign, according to Jackson, is the hiring for the position of shareholder communication senior manager, as Bitcoinist reported. This role is pivotal for investor relations and indicative of IPO readiness. He noted, “This role is being hired in London, Miami, and New York […] This role is fundamental in the journey to going public.”

Where Will The IPO Take Place?

Jackson also shared his speculations regarding where the fintech company might choose to list, highlighting the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as a primary target, with London and Dubai as possible alternatives. He reasoned that hiring trends suggest an American preference, which aligns with a potential NYSE listing, despite the company’s global operational presence.

On the topic of regulatory hurdles, Jackson commented on Ripple’s ongoing tussle with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), expressing optimism about their position: “The SEC has completely lost, right? They’ve completely lost against Ripple.”

Jackson concluded with a forward-looking statement, rallying the community: “If you’ve been invested in Ripple already, pre-IPO, this is like being one of those founding shareholders at Facebook in 2005 […] This is going to happen where and the specific details, the price that it goes public. This is all very unknown but this is coming they’re preparing for it.”

As the crypto community speculates on Ripple’s next moves, Jackson’s analysis provides compelling arguments for a potential IPO in the offing. However, as with all market predictions, only time will tell the accuracy of these claims. Ripple has not yet made any official announcement regarding an IPO, leaving investors and enthusiasts to watch the company’s strategic developments closely.

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