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Sponge Token is Back With V2 Launch
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The legendary meme coin sensation of 2023 – $SPONGE – just announced that it’s back and better than ever, with its V2 launch bringing another 100x opportunity for early adopters.

Those who remember $SPONGE will fondly recall the hilarious memes, wholesome community, and, most importantly, extravagant 100x returns.

Those who missed out now have the chance to get positioned in the next incarnation of the project with the same opportunity as Sponge V2, which is set to follow in its footsteps.

Sponge V2 sets itself apart from traditional presales, as its stake-to-bridge utility is the only way to acquire the token.

Here’s everything you need to know.  

Sponge Token is Back With V2 Launch

$SPONGE is back to absorb the damp with its V2 launch, bringing exceptional utility with stake-to-bridge and play-to-earn.

The V2 version of the token is only available through the stake-to-bridge utility, requiring users to buy $SPONGE V1 to stake and earn an equivalent $SPONGE V2.

$SPONGE was one of 2023’s biggest meme coin success stories after launching in the bear market of May 2023 and surging by over 100x.

The fair launch token captured the hearts of meme coin lovers as it was based on the famous Nickelodeon TV character of the same name.

The token launched at a $1 million market cap value and quickly surged beyond $100 million after 11,500 holders rushed to get positioned in the meme coin sensation.

As a result of the success, $SPONGE was quickly listed on over ten centralized exchanges, with giants like, MEXC, Bitget, and Poloniex rushing to take advantage of the enormous volume.

Now, $SPONGE has announced its 2024 roadmap to continue its success with the increased utility in its V2 launch.

Not an Ordinary Presale: Stake-to-Bridge Utility for Epic Fair Launch

The launch of $SPONGE V2 will be no ordinary presale.

The launch of $SPONGE V2 will be no ordinary presale.

To get ahold of V2, investors must stake their V1 $SPONGE in the stake-to-bridge utility.

There are just two options to get positioned;

  1. Buy and stake Sponge V1 through the website’s buy widget.
  2. Stake held Sponge V1 through the website.

The more V1 $SPONGE that is staked and the longer the staking period, the more V2 $SPONGE earned.

Once the staking period is complete, users will be able to collect their $SPONGE V2 earned through the website, with dates and times announced on the social media channels.

Furthermore, once V2 is launched, it will replace the original $SPONGE V1. This means that the V1 tokens will be permanently locked and will be phased out of existence.

Those currently staking $SPONGE in the original V1 contract must withdraw their $SPONGE and re-stake them in the V2 contract to participate in the V2 launch.  

This is an exciting novel utility that hasn’t been tried before, bringing another level of excitement to the V2 launch.

100x Returns Possible With Incoming Play-to-Earn Game

$SPONGE rewards

$SPONGE V2 doesn’t just intend to ride the hype of the Bitcoin bull run. 

Instead, it’s introducing a plethora of utilities to keep investors engaged, allowing them to earn even more V2 tokens in the process.

The first utility announced is the stake-to-bridge mechanism.

The second utility is the exciting play-to-earn game that will let players earn additional $SPONGE rewards.

The team will release a bespoke P2E game to bring more fun and addiction to the ecosystem.

Players who rank high on the leaderboards will earn more $SPONGE V2 tokens in the process.

There will be a free and paid version of the game. Players will buy credits using $SPONGE tokens in the paid version to compete and earn rewards.

Overall, the exciting utility adds another dimension to an already thriving community.

Get Positioned Now By Staking $SPONGE Before It’s Too Late

SPONGE tokenomics

The stake-to-bridge V2 contract for the new $SPONGE is officially open, allowing you to get positioned in the V2 launch and capitalize once it’s launched.

If you own the original $SPONGE, you’re encouraged to stake them in the V2 contract to start earning the new token before the presale ends.

Alternatively, if you’re on the sidelines waiting to get positioned, this is the perfect opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Head over to the website and purchase $SPONGE to start staking to earn V2 tokens.

Overall, the $SPONGE team has proven its competency time and time again and is ready to deliver another epic 100x opportunity to its supporters.

Get Sponge V2 Here

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