Scammers create spoof Blockworks site to drain crypto wallets Trending Crypto News

Scammers create spoof Blockworks site to drain crypto wallets
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Phishing scammers have cloned the websites of crypto media outlet Blockworks and Ethereum blockchain scanner Etherscan to trick unsuspecting readers into interacting with a phishing site.

A cloned Blockworks site displays a fake “BREAKING” news report of a supposed multimillion-dollar “approvals exploit” on the decentralized exchange Uniswap and encourages users to a faked Etherscan website to rescind approvals.

The fake Blockworks website (left) shows a fake breaking news story of a Uniswap exploit compared to the legitimate website (right).

The fake Etherscan website, displaying a purported token and smart contract approval checker, instead contains a smart contract that would likely drain a crypto wallet when connected.

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The phishing website (left) compared to the legitimate Etherscan website (right).

An age check of the domains shows the fake Etherscan site — — was registered on Oct. 25, with the faked Blockworks site — registered a day later.

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