OpenChat To Experiment With Facial Recognition In Blockchain Trending Crypto News

OpenChat To Experiment With Facial Recognition In Blockchain
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In a bid to elevate the user experience, OpenChat is steering towards a new frontier where conversations are not just exchanges of words, but authentic connections facilitated by advanced technology.

The innovative chat application operating on the revolutionary Internet Computer blockchain acknowledges the imperative to authenticate users and deter the proliferation of multiple profiles by launching a cutting-edge facial recognition technology.

OpenChat co-founder Matt Grogan emphasizes the app’s goal of attaining “proof of unique humanity.” He acknowledges the simplicity of proving one’s humanity but underscores the greater challenge of verifying individual uniqueness.

The strategic elimination of the potential for users to maintain multiple online accounts stands as OpenChat’s solution to discourage unjust practices like token farming and airdrop exploitation.

OpenChat: A Focus On Uniqueness

In Grogan’s perspective, this emphasis on uniqueness not only enhances security but also promotes a more equitable and transparent user environment within the app.

He highlighted the substantial impact of preventing individuals from managing multiple online accounts, emphasizing that such a measure could curtail the extent to which certain users exploit token farming or airdrops through the use of multiple accounts.

Grogan sees this as a pivotal step in promoting fairness and integrity within the space, as it addresses the potential for abuse and establishes a more level playing field for all users involved.

By utilizing crypto addresses and NFTs for identification and revenue generation instead of standard email addresses and usernames, OpenChat has set itself apart from other traditional social media platforms.

Total crypto market cap at $1.35 trillion on the daily chart:

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become more toxic due to the anonymous usage of bots and many accounts made possible by this unique approach.

OpenChat Teams Up With Modclub

OpenChat has asked Modclub for assistance with content control in order to allay this worry. A group of moderators from Modclub will examine reports of rule infractions that users can submit.

OpenChat – which has more than 100,000 users – seeks to foster an atmosphere that encourages users to participate in moral conversation by assigning moderation duties to an outside platform.

The business model in which tech giants provide complimentary or discounted services in exchange for the insights obtained from consumer data has become ingrained in the minds of the public. The OpenChat developers, on the other hand, present their application as an open internet service.

Co-founder and developer on the OpenChat project Hamish Peebles explained that the lack of a sponsoring business suggests no tracking or selling of user information.

Peebles clarified that the owners and operators of OpenChat are the holders of the governance tokens. The idea behind OpenChat is to disperse these tokens among users in order to promote a decentralized ownership structure that differs from the traditional paradigm of centralized data control.

The valuation of the global facial recognition market in 2022 amounted to $5.5 billion, with a predicted growth to $24.3 billion by 2032. This growth is anticipated to occur at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.4% from the year 2023 to 2032, according to Allied Market Research.

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