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There is a growing interest in generative AI space, which has inadvertently resulted in increased demand for Graphical Processing Units (GPUs).

OpenAI, the company widely known for its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT, is reportedly interested in manufacturing custom AI chips. According to a Reuters report, which cited inside sources, OpenAI may already have its eyes set on an unnamed company it intends to partner with, even as its chip-making ambitions go into full throttle.

Although the reports are unconfirmed at the moment, it appears that the move is a strategy by OpenAI to ensure that its AI services are not affected by the ongoing chip shortage.

OpenAI Plans Ahead of Worsening Chip Crisis but There May Be Other Reasons

Without a doubt, there is a growing interest in generative AI space. But that has inadvertently resulted in increased demand for Graphical Processing Units (GPUs). So, it isn’t exactly a surprise that the global chip shortage has mounted immense pressure on OpenAI and many other tech firms like it.

Despite this, however, the ChatGPT creator has been actively weighing several options to address the issue. OpenAI, like Amazon and Google, may approach the situation by choosing to acquire a chip company. This move will enable the company to build its own chips by itself.

It may also choose one of two other options. One is to work more closely with its current primary chip supplier NVIDIA, while the other is to diversify chip suppliers beyond its current list of providers.

Interestingly, OpenAI’s alleged interest in building custom AI chips may not be only linked to its need to keep its AI services operational. The firm is reportedly also gearing up to build a new AI hardware device with the help of former chief Apple designer Jony Ive. And if these reports are anything to go by, then the company has more than enough reasons to start working on indigenous AI chips.

As of publication though, OpenAI has yet to put out an official word regarding the subject.


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