NFT-Funded ‘The Quiet Maid’ Movie Secures Global Sales Deal Trending Crypto News

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Spanish director Miguel Faus successfully garnered $750,000 to create the world’s first NFT-funded European movie ‘The Quiet Maid’ before recently securing a global sales deal with the Iberoamerican entertainment powerhouse, FilmSharks, during Madrid’s Iberseries conference.

Initially 15 minutes long and entitled ‘Calladita’, The Quiet Maid revamps the tale of a Colombian maid working for a wealthy Spanish family in Catalonia.

The movie’s success story draws from Faus’s novel funding plan of utilizing the original 15-minute short movie to sell NFT passes. Attracting more than 600 investors to the film’s undertakings were Calladita NFTs granting behind-the-scenes access and allocating control of the film’s future gains through a DAO.

Further assisting the film’s production was a $100,000 investment from the famed ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ director Steven Soderbergh in conjunction with Decentralized Pictures in January.

Setting the Stage for Premiere and Exclusive Rewards

On top of securing international sales rights with FilmSharks and a significant amount of finance through NFTs and other notable investments, The Quiet Maid movie is gearing up for its world premiere at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia next month, competing for an award in the ‘First Feature’ category.

Additionally, the official Quiet Maid trailer is out, offering NFT enthusiasts and movie fans the chance to win exclusive Calladita NFTs. All those interested need to do is identify virtual assets hidden within the short movie clip published on Twitter and give the tweet a like and share. 

The Quiet Maid spotlights a spirited adventure in both its storytelling, creation and rewards process, bringing Faus into the center stage as a filmmaker and a pioneer in blockchain-driven cinema. Moviemakers can take inspiration from how The Quiet Maid merges creativity with capital through NFT initiatives. Another NFT-funded movie to watch out for is ‘Bottle Shock‘. 

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