Mexican Billionaire Says 'Buy Bitcoin, Sell Bonds, Reject Inflation' Trending Crypto News

Mexican Billionaire Says 'Buy Bitcoin, Sell Bonds, Reject Inflation'
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“Store your wealth in Bitcoin.”

That was the message give by Ricardo Salinas, a prominent billionaire and the honorary chairman of TV Azteca, in an exclusive interview with Bitcoin Magazine reporter Isabella Santos last week. The rare sit-down interview, which marked the Mexican billionaire’s first Spanish-language interview on the topic.

The Ricardo Salinas Interview: Mexican Billionaire Says Sell Bonds, Buy Bitcoin, & Reject Inflation (; 19:49)

In the 20-minute interview, he discussed how the cryptocurrency can act as a safeguard against inflation and the pitfalls of traditional financial systems, the conversation taking place on the occasion of Salinas’ recognition by the Atlas Society, an organization known for promoting individualism and free-market philosophies.

Salinas began by addressing the widespread issue of inflation, which he sees as an insidious tax eroding people’s savings without their consent. This is a concern not only in Mexico and Latin America but also globally. 

To counteract this, Salinas emphasized the value of Bitcoin as a means of protecting one’s wealth. He highlighted its unique properties, such as its resistance to inflation and its appeal in hyperinflationary economies, which are common in Latin America.

Discussing the mass adoption of Bitcoin in Mexico, Salinas emphasized the importance of educating people about the impact of government monetary policies, which he referred to as fraud. To promote Bitcoin as a tool for financial freedom, Salinas stressed the necessity for individuals to recognize the manipulative nature of the financial system.

Salinas also tackled the challenge of transitioning to Bitcoin as a store of value. He acknowledged the need for a robust custodial system in Mexico, which is still in its early stages of development. However, Salinas sees Bitcoin as an important asset class, particularly for long-term savings and inheritances.

The discussion extended to the role of Bitcoin in third-world countries, where Salinas acknowledged that Bitcoin has the potential to benefit these nations, particularly in regions with hyperinflation. 

He emphasized the importance of individuals comprehending the significance of protecting their wealth from currency debasement.

Regarding his family’s perception of Bitcoin, Salinas noted generational differences, particularly with his father. He described the challenge of explaining the value of digital assets to someone from an older generation who might not understand the concept of cryptocurrency.

The interview with Ricardo Salinas shed light on his enthusiastic support for Bitcoin and his belief in its role as a hedge against inflation and a protector of individual wealth. As a prominent figure in the business and media world, his advocacy for Bitcoin is likely to have a significant impact on its adoption in Mexico and beyond.

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