Horizen Launches EON for Web 3.0 Developers on Mainnet Trending Crypto News

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As an emerging solution, Horizen has highlighted that EON is open to partnerships and integration but only with firms and protocols that resonate with its core values.

Fast-growing Layer-0 public blockchain Horizen has hit a major milestone with the mainnet launch of Horizen Ethereum Open Network (EON). Notably, Horizen EON is a smart contracting sidechain platform fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It is designed to play a crucial role in the revolution of We b3.0 and to empower the next generation of developers.  

The new solution is designed to address the challenges posed by existing chains including inadequate tooling, network congestion, centralization, and lack of growth support. Precisely, the platform is built to offer developers a technical infrastructure as well as a nurturing environment that is user-centric with the provision of product support and incubation.

According to a press release shared with Coinspeaker, EON is described as the “first of many smart contracting sidechains on Horizen that will onboard the next generation of builders and users to the web3 economy.”

Horizen has always been keen on providing the industry with a market-leading solution geared towards a permissionless, interoperable, customizable multi-chain network. This mandate propelled its collaboration with global algorithmic trading and market-making firm Auros earlier this year. Their alliance is focused on enhancing opportunities for traders, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) users, and developers by enhancing the liquidity of the $ZEN token, which can be used on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Horizen EON Focus on Seamless DApp Deployment 

The Horizen EON is a highly scalable platform that was built for the development of Decentralized Applications (DApps) that are streamlined and diverse. As a fully EVM-compatible protocol, it can utilize the entire Ethereum ecosystem including its vast resources and community. By leveraging this Ethereum reservoir, developers will enjoy easy and seamless DApp deployment on Horizen.

Three core areas that Horizen EON is committed to are providing Web 3.0 developers with access to grants and loans, providing a comprehensive set of tools that ensure seamless integrations and DApp deployment, and offering business development assistance where needed.

As an emerging solution, Horizen has highlighted that EON is open to partnerships and integration but only with firms and protocols that resonate with its core values. A few of these core values as listed in the press release are “transparency, accountability, security, community engagement, continuous growth, and social responsibility.”

Some of the developer toolings, bridges, DeFi protocols, liquidity providers, and infrastructure essentials that have been onboarded on Horizen EON are from LayerZero, Tatum, Pyth, Band Protocol, Ankr, Third Web, Stably, and many others.

One other remarkable achievement in the Horizen ecosystem is the development of Zero-Knowledge (ZK)-powered cross-chain protocol and horizontal scaling solution, Zendoo. This scaling protocol permits a vast adoption of blockchain technology with complete customization at the protocol’s level. 

The addition of Horizen EON indicates that the Layer-0 blockchain is interested in expanding its ecosystem to reflect opportunities, especially in the areas of efficient development and usage of a wide range of DApps and services.


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