Gas Hero Official debuts officially on Polygon PoS Trending Crypto News

Gas Hero Official debuts officially on Polygon PoS
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Polygon recently announced the official launch of Gas Hero Official on Polygon PoS. The announcement was made on the X/Twitter account of Polygon onchain.

Developed by Find Satoshi Lab, the social strategy game dwells on a unique concept: “What will happen if AI were to lead an attack on human civilization? Where would humanity go?”

The game emulates a large-scale social experiment to answer complex questions. “Has civilization fallen because of human conflict or AI’s actions? Who will take accountability to reconstruct society?”

The tweet by Polygon read that Gas Hero relies on GMT for its gameplay and economy. The game has also integrated MOOAR, a versatile marketplace for in-game purposes.

The Web3 gaming community has praised the game as it is topping the charts with high trading volume. Players are excitedly trading STEPN x Gas Hero Badges and Gas Hero NFT Coupons.

Polygon also attached the official Gas Hero Official whitepaper in the tweet along with the news. This was done to help players test their skills in the game and earn four free heroes. The social strategy game aims to scale millions of global players.

Its vision bodes well with Polygon’s portfolio, as the network facilitates seamless gameplay for everyone. Polygon leads the L1 platform category, fostering quick business growth and traditional collaborations.

The network is equipped with tools to support wallets featuring EIP 4337 since it is an EVM chain. The feature allows the network to benefit from things like gas repayment and social recovery. To top it all, Polygon is renowned in the Web2 gaming community for its services.

Gas Hero Official can leverage these features alongside Polygon’s market stature to reach new heights.

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