Gala forges an exclusive collaboration with PlanX Trending Crypto News

Gala forges an exclusive collaboration with PlanX
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Gala has formed a well-calculated collaboration with PlanX to introduce a community-oriented and ownership-empowered gaming exposure. This tie-up will be a game changer in the online gaming space by encouraging the growth of a public chain ecosystem targeting a level playing field and complete transparency. Incidentally, PlanX is a force to reckon with in blockchain gaming creation. 

The focus of both entities is to revolutionize the gaming arena. At a time when GalaChain was simply a figment of imagination for the Gala blockchain experts, it was amply clear that gaming took pride of place with regard to applications related to this advanced technology. That is how and why Gala Games cropped up.

Where PlanX is concerned, it is an on-chain Steam platform that collects high-end gaming projects that act as a base for a further equitable gaming space. Both entities intend to improve the gaming industry by incorporating the one-of-its-kind functions and benefits of GalaChain within various game projects on the PlanX platform. 

Gala’s joining with PlanX will help score the complete capability of the game public chain ecosystem by utilizing the potential of Gala Chain’s technology to introduce a gaming exposure that comes with all safety factors and effectiveness. Additionally, it helps enhance player involvement via actual digital wallet ownership and uninterrupted asset circulation. 

Gala Games believes blockchain technology is the answer to opening up a fresh level of gaming. The link-up with PlanX is nothing less than a landmark in terms of their way toward changing the very face of the gaming arena. 

Besides technology, they focus on creating a community and an ecosystem revolving around excellent gaming exposure. The two companies will be engaged in the establishment of community-oriented activities, offline as well as online. In addition, inventive products and solutions will be introduced. They aim to offer an open and inventive online gaming space for gamers globally.

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