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Experience the ‘Survive Thanksgiving’ Metaverse Experience
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Spyglass Media Group and Sony have partnered to create an immersive horror metaverse experience called “Survive Thanksgiving.” This innovative project serves as a promotional tool for the highly anticipated release of the horror film “Thanksgiving.”

“Survive Thanksgiving” is accessible through virtual reality (VR) headsets or web browsers on mobile or desktop devices. This accessibility allows users to engage with the metaverse experience in a way that suits their preferences and available technology.

The Horror Film Experience

The “Survive Thanksgiving” metaverse experience intertwines with the film’s storyline, offering an exciting and unique way for audiences to engage with the horror genre. Participants will enter a simulated version of Plymouth, Massachusetts, where they will encounter a terrifying fictional killer named John Carver. This menacing character terrorizes residents, creating a chilling experience for players.

Players of “Survive Thanksgiving” can choose from three realistic 3D avatars to represent themselves within the metaverse. With these avatars, players can explore and interact with six locations featured in the film. This allows players to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the movie and engage with its world.

“Survive Thanksgiving” challenges players to complete various tasks and overcome obstacles as they interact with the inhabitants of the metaverse. Additionally, hidden easter eggs can be discovered throughout the game, providing players with new and exciting gamified experiences as they progress. These discoveries unlock additional content and add to the overall thrill of the experience.

For fans of the “Thanksgiving” film, the metaverse experience features a mini shop where players can purchase exclusive film merchandise. The seller’s official website facilitates these purchases, with shipping currently restricted to the United States. This allows enthusiasts to further indulge in their love for the horror genre and support the film.

Launch and Movie Release

The “Survive Thanksgiving” metaverse experience launched on Halloween, providing a perfect opportunity for users to immerse themselves in the spooky atmosphere. As for the corresponding film “Thanksgiving,” it is due for release on November 17, 2023. Horror enthusiasts can look forward to expanding their engagement with the movie beyond the traditional theatre experience.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Spyglass Media Group and Sony has resulted in the creation of an exciting and engaging horror metaverse experience, “Survive Thanksgiving.” This interactive project offers audiences a new way to connect with the upcoming horror film while experiencing the thrill of the genre firsthand. Players can dive into a nightmare in Plymouth, Massachusetts, with a fictional killer haunting the town based on holiday themes. With the release of exclusive film merchandise and the accompanying theatrical release, horror fans have plenty to look forward to this Thanksgiving season.

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