ETH ETF to Get Approved, Pushd at $0.08. BDAG Presale Raises $1M Trending Crypto News

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Since the creation of Bitcoin (BTC), the largest crypto by market capitalization, the crypto industry has never had a boring day. There is always something happening in the market. Today, Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded fund, Pushd (PUSHD), and BlockDAG are making headlines after headlines. While Ethereum is on the brink of ETF approval, Pushd is entering its stage four of presale, vowing to become the top emerging crypto. Meanwhile, BlockDAG’s features go beyond mere promises, instilling trust and capturing investors’ attention. 

Excitement Peaks as Ethereum ETF Approval Looms

Almost 80% of the top 100 digital assets realised slight daily increases, indicating that the crypto market is still showing signs of resilience. After global bank Standard Chartered published a research paper forecasting that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) would approve spot Ethereum ETFs in May of this year. As a result, Ether (ETH) increased in value. 

Furthermore, Geoffrey Kendrick, head of Standard Chartered Bank’s forex and digital assets research, wrote, “We expect pending applications for ETH U.S. spot ETFs to be approved on May 23, the final deadline for the first of the ETFs under consideration — the equivalent date to Jan. 10 for BTC ETFs.”

Pushd Token Draws Massive Interest

Pushd, whose presale debut attracted over 24,500 registrants in the last four weeks, made its way into many portfolios in 2024. According to market analysts, the $0.08 price of the Pushd token is a possible entry point for crypto investors. With a genuine chance to compete with e-commerce platforms, Pushd developed the first decentralized online marketplace. 

Aside from Pushd, there is a new network that is also conducting its presale and attracting many investors worldwide. This new player is BlockDAG. The network aims to dominate the crypto market with its features and vision.


BlockDAG Presale Offers Incentives and Early Access

BlockDAG’s presale is an alluring prospect because it offers early investors a plethora of incentives. The network presale raised over $1 million in just 24 hours as investors flooded to grab the opportunity for bigger profit later. Don’t lose hope! It’s not over yet. BlockDAG’s presale is now in the Batch 2 with a good price to invest in, only $0.0015 per BDAG coin. By taking part in the presale, early investors can make significant profits.

The presale framework prioritises equitable and comprehensive token distribution, cultivating a vibrant community surrounding BlockDAG. What’s more, users who participate in this presale will have a say in the project’s early phases and could profit greatly from BlockDAG’s advancement. In addition, investors can take advantage of the BlockDAG presale to have early access to the coin’s utility, which puts them in a prime position to take privilege of its features and functionality. 

Emerging as one of the top 2024 crypto, BlockDAG is catching the attention of many analysts. Some even predict a monumental ROI of up to 1000x, all thanks to its ecosystem. BlockDAG is a dynamic ecosystem that makes creating decentralized applications (DApps) as easy as possible. In short, the platform allows users to access a one-stop shop for creating digital identification platforms, DApps, and logistical solutions. Users will be able to connect with a decentralized world thanks to a suite of intuitive tools and APIs offered by the network. 

Where Bulls Roam and Bears Beware

As the top 100 digital assets display resilience. Standard Chartered’s bullish prediction propels Ethereum towards ETF acceptance. Pushd presale provided investors with an entry point that drew over 24,500 registrants. BlockDAG, on the other hand, highlights itself as the best option with an investment opportunity at $0.0015 per BDAG coin. 

More so, the platform creates a lively community and gives users an exclusive opportunity to influence the project’s early stages. It is worth mentioning that BlockDAG’s presale is attractive to anyone and especially to those who are interested in investing in early stages with the aim for bigger returns. Join the bandwagon now.

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