Embracing Virtual Reality: UCI’s New Metaversity Trending Crypto News

Embracing Virtual Reality: UCI’s New Metaversity
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The University of California, Irvine (UCI) gears up for an innovative transition as the Paul Merage School of Business embraces immersive, three-dimensional classrooms. These VR-enabled environments are crafted through an exciting collaboration with VictoryXR. The outcome? A digital double of the school, aptly termed as a “metaversity”, is set to enhance interaction between students and educators.

Features of the Metaversity

In the context of education, the Metaverse emerges as an effective tool. It presents a learning environment enriched by immersive experiences and supports real-world simulations, role-playing, and digital explorations. Plus, it provides a wide selection of teaching resources that teachers can adapt according to the distinct needs and preferences of their students.

The inauguration of the metaversity is being eagerly anticipated, with a virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony penned for Thursday, Nov. 2. Following the event; the Merage School plans to propel their Fall 2023 “Into the Metaverse” class into this interactive platform.

The virtual representation of the Merage School is a bona fide depiction of the physical campus, allowing for a range of possibilities. Moving beyond the confines of traditional educational settings, this digital environment additionally opens up new avenues for international alumni, current and prospective students, and business associates worldwide to engage on a single, global platform.

‘Into the Metaverse’ Class

Marking a first in the University of California system, the “Into the Metaverse” course will engage its 40 students in this never-before-seen academic setting. Ready with Meta Quest 2 headsets, these students are set to explore this immersive learning environment.

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Shedding light on this pioneering initiative, UCI Vice Chancellor for Data and Information Technology, Tom Andriola, expressed, “The digital twin of the Merage School represents the start of a journey for our university. By merging cutting-edge technology with traditional academic settings, we’re creating a new paradigm for the learning environment and planting the seeds for new models of experience and engagement.”


The collaboration between UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business and VictoryXR, leading to the establishment of a metaversity, rings in an innovative chapter in digital education. 

We are starting to see this more often; for example, Northlands College recently launched its “Metaverse Campus,” positioning itself among the few Canadian institutions to offer a full-fledged campus experience in the Metaverse. From connecting a global community of learners and educators to facilitating interactive learning experiences, this venture contributes to defining the future dynamics of education.

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