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Diesel, in collaboration with the famed watchmaker Fossil Group, has unveiled its groundbreaking timepiece collection, ‘Vert’. Each watch accompanies playable NFT avatars in the fashion brand’s immersive cyber world, ticking off yet another milestone for Diesel’s Web3 project, ‘Metamorph’. 

The Vert watches, resembling “bone structure,” showcase five distinct iterations, with two being limited-edition exclusives. Buyers of these unique timepieces will receive a one-of-a-kind code that acts as the gateway to opening its NFT counterpart.

Upon opening, the digital assets transform through three stages to evolve into mint-ready custom Diesel NFT avatars dubbed ‘A:VERT:AR.’ These virtual alter-egos live in the Vert virtual world, where limitless adventures await until November 17.

Diesel’s Timeless Metaverse

Sculpting Diesel’s Metaverse experience is the Web3 creative agency, Artificial Rome. The experience exudes the aura of a captivating video game, uniquely enlivened by the watch’s design elements. 

Players exploring the digital universe can partake in a series of thrilling challenges through the use of their Diesel NFT avatars or a ‘base avatar,’ timelessly immersing themselves in a world where time stands still. After conquering all exciting obstacles, attendees can attend an exclusive digital concert featuring the budding musician Lil’ Dre. 

Diesel tuning into the music landscape is a continuation of its past Metamorph NFT collection, which launched just last month. In partnership with the music NFT marketplace Public Pressure, the fashion giant released just 300 of these music collectibles, featuring soundtracks from the iconic musical composer Sejan Jansen and granting exclusive access to Public Pressure’s musical soirées, Milan Fashion Week, and, now, these recently launched Vert timepieces. 

An Enticing Virtual World for Everyone 

What gives Diesel’s Web3 stance an edge is its pledge to inclusivity. The Vert Metaverse experience is for more than watch and NFT owners, with everyone being able to step into the mesmerizing world through a base avatar. Although other big brands, like Adidas, have similar approaches, such virtual spaces are available to token holders only. 

An overarching aim of Diesel is to cultivate a broader experience in the Web3 world by making its on-chain expertise available to all. Its strategic push aligns with its holding company, the OTB Group, which debuted its open Metaverse, BVX, in 2021. 

Diesel’s dream of shaping a welcoming Web3 goes beyond being a pledge but an actuality — opening its arms to all who want to explore and thrive in its fashion-fused, blockchain-based ecosystem. 

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