Bitfinex Securities partners with Mikro Capital to pioneer tokenized bond Trending Crypto News

Bitfinex Securities partners with Mikro Capital to pioneer tokenized bond
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In an announcement shared with on Nov. 15, Bitfinex Securities Ltd, the first global digital asset platform licensed and registered in the AIFC, has shared the news of its new tokenized bond, which has since gone live.

The accompanying capital raise is set to run for two weeks, starting on the same day as the announcement was made.

On the liquid network

The pioneer tokenized bond, ALT2611, is a 36-month, 10% coupon bond denominated in USDt, issued by Alternative, a Luxembourg-based securitization fund under the management of Mikro Kapital. Quarterly coupon payments are made in USDt, with the minimum initial purchase size set at 125,000 USDt, with secondary market trading available in denominations of 100 USDt. 

The bond itself is issued on the Liquid Network, a Bitcoin side chain designed to facilitate rapid, compliant, confidential settlement and the issuance of digital assets and tokenized securities.

Following a security incident

This news comes after the announcement on Nov. 6 that Bitfinex was addressing an issue regarding a phishing attack. 

Despite the incident being characterized as a “minor information security incident” in a blog post, no funds were reported lost. The exchange clarified that the attack targeted customer accounts through a phishing attempt on Bitfinex’s customer support agent, with efforts ongoing to bolster security measures. At the same time, the UK Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning against Bitfinex due to unauthorized promotion of financial services and products.

Therefore, despite news of a pioneer tokenized bond, history suggests investors should proceed with caution.

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