BAF and Arbitrum collaborate for Arbitrum Workshop Session 1 Trending Crypto News

BAF and Arbitrum collaborate for Arbitrum Workshop Session 1
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A collaboration between the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF) and Arbitrum has established a procedure to scrutinize the development of decentralized applications that make use of Arbitrum’s technology. This project acts as a hands-on manual for the first Arbitrum Workshop session. The exercises were designed to provide practical knowledge related to Ethereum upgradeability, smart contract creation, and real-time implementation of blockchain services. The entire activity is centered on the even distribution of cupcakes.

The exercise specifies that the first step is to set up and position the cupcake vending machine. This is followed by positioning, which requires configuring the project directory. The next step is to position the smart contract locally. The next step is to connect the smart contract to one’s local testnet.

After completion, the smart contract must be positioned on the Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet. To accomplish this, the configuration of the Metamask for Arbitrum Sepolia is required. Following this, the Hardhat configuration is updated, and Testnet $ETH is obtained on L1 Sepolia. The following phase is to obtain $ASPL by bridging $ETH from L1 Sepolia to Arbitrum L2. At this juncture, the smart contract should be positioned, observed on a blockchain explorer, and subjected to testing using Metamask.

After successfully completing the authentication process and verifying the functionality of the smart contract on Arbitrum’s Sepolia testnet, the next step is to deploy it to Arbitrum One Mainnet. Paying a transaction fee in actual $ETH instead of $ASPL will be mandatory in this circumstance.

Eventually, a decentralized cupcake vending machine has emerged that employs Arbitrum and demonstrates its usefulness in resolving the issue of equitable distribution. The most notable characteristic is that this application is linked to real-time situations and provides clarification. Blockchain technology and Arbitrum are required for the development of decentralized applications.

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