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Ankr introduces Verify a ready-to-use user ID solution
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Ankr has successfully released Ankr Verify to provide blockchains and decentralized applications the option of identifying the necessity of entering and utilizing through zero knowledge user identity authentication. Eclipse and Mina Protocol use the technology to further user exposure and adherence to Web3 applications on their networks. Businesses will be able to live up to the KYC demands of their countries without compromising user privacy

Ankr Verify allows blockchains and Web3 applications to authenticate user data and ensure it complies with the rules. Critical data is kept out of reach. This is made achievable via zero-knowledge cryptography. Users will gain connectivity with Ankr Verify for substantiating features related to their identification and forwarding it to Synaps, Ankr’s KYC associate. All authorities will lie with the company only regarding viewing, authenticating, and holding user data.

Ankr builds the ideal scenario for developers and enterprises via narrowed-down adherence, improved user exposure, and a robust safety mechanism. It brings customizable claims, automatic updates, advanced privacy, future-proofed interoperability, and low-priced upgradeability.

According to the Senior Product Manager at Ankr, Kev Silk, Ankr Verify is a new level for simplified user identity authentication. Through a sole and safe path to Web3, users can connect with decentralized exposure and not bring their sensitive data into the picture.

End users will experience an updated Web3 situation with safe and cooperative blockchain networks and applications. Ankr will be playing the role of a sole sign-in applicable to the decentralized web. The benefits for them will be credential authentication for Web3. They will be provided a secure and simplified way to connect with every chain and dApps. They will enjoy private exposure on Web3 applications, and the onboarding will be quick, along with account creation throughout all applications.

Ankr Verify intends to combine the high methods of KYC adherence and Decentralized Identity (DID). It will help bring about government-sanctioned Web3 use cases without compromising privacy issues. Developers will be able to build futuristic blockchain applications.

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